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A Guide to Team Bonding from a Spirit Expert

  The following is a guest post by Jimmy Custer, captain of UNC BatCH. Jimmy also serves as one of the two Directors of Outrageous Affairs in our Funbassador sponsorship program, promoting...Read more

What Your Team Needs To Know About Playing With Observers

  Your team has worked all year to build a certain cohesive flow and the last thing that you want to happen is to have an external factor throw of that mojo. Observers are an often...Read more

How To Leave Your Team in Better Shape Than You Found It

  We know that you've got a lot of graduation to-do's on your plate and you're probably feeling glad to be done with team logistics. But before you run away, do your team one last solid and...Read more

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Get a peek into what we've got cooking in the product kitchen, and get all the dirty details of all your favorite Five gear!


Behind the Design: Early Sketches of the US World Games Team Gear

  We've been the official apparel sponsors for the US National Team for the past eight years, and it's one of our favorite ways to advance the sport of ultimate.   We've often used the...Read more

Introducing The United States 2017 World Games Uniforms!

  Five is the official merchandise sponsor of the United States World Games Team in 2017! That means that we give all of this gear to the athletes on the World Games roster fo' free!...Read more

Electro Jersey Product Journey

A lot that went into making this new cut, and we're not ones to flippantly boast that we got it right on our first go. It took time and brain power to develop the jersey that we as ultimate...Read more