Spot Sublimation gives you the versatility of sublimation with the convenience of screen-printing. Your design can have an infinite number of colors, all for one flat rate. Email us your artwork, sit back, and get ready to look pretty.


Simple. Any location is $8.50- this includes logos, names, and numbers. No more worrying about the number of screens or how many colors your design is.


Spot sublimation is available for all your white Five gear needs!

White Short Sleeve Electro Jersey
White Long Sleeve Electro Jersey
White Gunshow Tank 
White Hydro Shorts
White Triton Shorts


The maximum size of a logo on jerseys and jackets is 13” wide by 17” tall. The maximum size of a logo on shorts is 11” wide by 11” tall. Remember that a logo will look much different on a men’s large than on a women’s small. Take this into consideration when deciding how big you want your logo spot-sublimated.

There is no limit to the number of colors you can include in your spot-sublimated design. If your design requires a specific color we can match your logo to a specific coated Pantone color. Keep in mind that due to color calibration settings, the color on your computer screen may appear different than the official PMS color. The only way to be certain we’ll get the color right is use a hard-copy PMS color book.

Artwork files can be submitted in either vector format or pixel/raster format.
The most common vector format is an Adobe Illustrator file. Vector art is great for simple, clean lines, but isn’t the best format for special effects and fades on your logo. If there is text in your vector format logo, be sure to expand it to shapes before sending it over.
The most common pixel/raster format is an Adobe Photoshop file, but .jpg and .png files (and others) can work, too. For best results, create your pixel/raster logo in it’s actual desired size (e.g. 6” wide by 6” tall) at 150 dpi so your logo doesn’t appear pixelated when it gets printed. Any effects on shapes/objects should be expanded then rasterized.

Player Numbers & Names:
We can sublimate custom player numbers or name in any font, color, and size you like. There are plenty of websites you can use to search for cool free fonts, including &