Nationals Spotlight: Lewis & Clark College, Artemis

Posted on: on May 15, 2019, 12:34:20 PM


In the lead up to Nationals, we’d like to give you a sneak peek into a few of our sponsored college teams. First up is Artemis out of Lewis and Clark in Portland Oregon. Named for the Greek goddess of the hunt, wild animals and wilderness, the hardworking ladies of Artemis are headed to DIII Nationals for the first time in recent history.


Tell us a little about your history as a team:

Before the class of 2019 was in the picture, Artemis was in a difficult rebuilding period, struggling to get enough people to come to tournaments. In 2018 Artemis had not won a single game, and many times did not score a single point in sanctioned tournaments (or so the folklore goes). Things were about to change. Four year ago, Lewis & Clark accidentally accepted too many students into the class of 2019, so instead of the usual ~300-400 class size, a force of 700 first-years came in.


That surplus translated quite well to Artemis. That year 15 committed new frisbeans came onto the team. And what’s more, we actually starting scoring points and winning games! The next three years, ideas about nationals began formulating in all of our minds. This past year, we have ten seniors which make up well over half of our team, and seven of us have been playing all four years. We made a goal to go to nationals and through hard work and dedication, we’ve made our dream come true.


What’s your favorite spirit game or cheer?

Two new ones from this year:

  1. Artemis, Fartemis, Play until we Shartemis!
  2. Artemisses who are we? Goddess of the Hunt… Huntin’ for that D!

** many of our previous cheers contain explicit words that we will, unfortunately, have to alter according to language rules from USAU… Artemis, Huck Yeah! *clap*


What is your team composition?

We’ve had some huge additions in every class this year, which speaks a lot to the character of our group. Consequently, our team is made up of everyone from rock-solid rookies to experienced veterans. In our senior class, Marge Rodenbough transferred from golf and uses that swing to be our biggest puller. Rachel Aragaki added Ultimate to her already impressive resume and is known for making some fantastic grabs on the field. From the Junior class, Riley Kulfan uses her height and volleyball skills to sky anyone that comes close to her (we’re glad to have her back after she studied abroad during the Spring season).


And we really couldn’t be anywhere without our first years: Emery, who only went to one practice before attending her first tournament, Bridgetown Shakedown, and who now uses her speed and height to catch any disc thrown her way. McKenna, the biggest joy and our workout queen who pumps us up without fail. Zena, our lefty handler! (Enough said). And Lolo, who had played ultimate in the Seattle area for a few years before coming to Artemis, brings maturity and huge deep throws that adds superb depth to our team.


What is your goal entering Nationals?

It’s our first time there, so we don’t know exactly what to expect. Our primary focus is to play well, learn more, and have a great time with everyone. We’re excited to play some of the best teams around. Our region is incredibly strong, but it’s also very small so we’re definitely ready for some new match-ups! The heat and humidity and time change will probably be our biggest threats, but we’ll give it everything we have! (We’re also excited for Texas BBQ).


You can follow the action at the D-III College Championships this weekend here!

Follow Artemis on social media and get ready for them to make some NOISE!



Artemis is one of Five's Partner Teams from the 2019 college season.

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