5 Reasons To Download The USA Ultimate App

Posted on: on Apr 8, 2016, 3:35:10 PM



Did you know USA Ultimate had a mobile app?


Yeah, neither did we! Apparently it was first launched in October last year. We probably missed the press release because we were still binging on videos from the National Championships.


Turns out the app is pretty good at doing what it's meant to do, and since October they've made it even better and added some new nifty featuresIt doesn't try to do everything, but it succeeds in important ways.


Check out these four FIVE reasons why we think it's worth the space on your phone.



1. It's free

A free app that has even a small potential for helping you be a better captain should be worth a quick download.
Test it out, and delete it if you don’t like it.



2. It's mobile Optimized

Ever tried to use your phone to pull up a tournament event page on It’s like trying to read a newspaper by peering through a keyhole. You just can't get a sense of what's really going on.


The USA Ultimate app has an Events tab that lists upcoming tournaments by date. Click into your event and you can see the schedule for pool and bracket play, and it includes field numbers!




While it can sometimes be slow to update scores, navigating a UX that was actually designed to be viewed on a mobile phone makes all the difference. Especially when it’s Sunday morning and your round starts in an hour, but you don’t know which field you’re on.

Worth a download just for this. The rest is gravy.


3. The Rules of Ultimate are now at your fingertips

Time to face facts, y’all: most ultimate players don’t know the rules. Even those who know the basics often encounter some confusing special cases during the course of a tournament.

Whether you have a casual question about what constitutes a travel, or you’re one of those insufferable people who loves to quote directly from the 11th Edition, you now have easy access to the rules of ultimate.


The only thing we wished it had was a search function. Because sometimes you just need to look up the definition of a force out, and you don't always have time to scroll through both the "In- and Out-of-Bounds" AND the "Violations and Fouls" sections, you know?



4. You can Watch ESPN Broadcasts & SCtop10 plays

As if we need any more ways to be distracted at work, full ESPN broadcasts of the last year’s National Championships and College Championships are available in the app. You can also find clips featured on SportCenter’s Top 10 plays.

Added bonus: picture yourself hanging out with the starting QB of the football team. He casually asserts that ultimate isn’t a real sport.


Now you can whip out your phone, show him Bailey Zahniser of Seattle Riot bidding for a blade in the semi-final of the 2015 National Championships, and win that argument without speaking a word.


5 (NEW!). Stay Up To Date On the Lastest News In the Ultiverse


With the latest app updates, you can do more than ever with the USA Ultimate app - including access to more content from USA Ultimate magazine and even following your favorite teams!


Not to mention they've fixed a few bugs and improved overall better functionality and UX. It now runs smoother than the Colombia Womens Team's offensive flow (which is pretty damn smooth).



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Have you used the USA Ultimate app in the wild? Tell us what you think!