The Best Way to Order Ultimate Uniforms. Period.

Posted on: on Nov 3, 2016 1:50:58 PM

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My name is Kyle Ord, and I manage our Custom Team. We work on all the custom team and league orders at Five Ultimate, so we know exactly how much time and mental energy captains have to commit to order team uniforms. This blog post is all about making those orders easier for captains so that you can commit your time and energy to other important things!


If you’re still typing your players’ sizing and numbers into an excel doc and sending it via email, it’s time to join the 21st century. Agility, our online team order system, is hands down the best way to place and order for custom ultimate team gear.


Agility can do a TON of awesome stuff for you, intrepid captain. So read on, because your job just got a whole lot easier!


Start an order!



Let us collect sizes & Player info

Not long ago, college captains like you had to compile and organize every piece of a team order by themselves.


You used to:

  • Collect everyone’s sizes for jerseys and shorts.

  • Organize who would get which number.

  • Confirm that no one got a duplicate number or risk getting disqualified under USA Ultimate’s College Uniform Requirements.

  • Compile all this info into an excel order form.

  • Send to Five or whomever you were using to produce your gear.

It was stressful work with a lot of potential for error, and we’re here to say that you don’t need to do it anymore!


We’ll collect sizes, names and numbers from players for you. Simply send them your team's Agility link, and they’ll be required to add all of their order info.


We even have an option to keep players from choosing the same number. All you have to do is confirm that all of your players went to the team store and checked out. Pretty tight!


For the time being, you will still probably have to chase down a player here or there to make sure she looks at her email* and completes her order, but hey, the rest of your job just got a lot easier.


*We’re working on a new Five Ultimate wristband that zaps players’ wrists with increasing voltage every day they ignore an email from a captain.



Players pay individually, so you don’t have to front the cash

When was the last time your players paid you back for something without nagging them about it for weeks?


Never? That’s what I thought. It happens to everyone who is willing to front money for an ultimate team.


That’s where Agility comes in! With Agility, you can choose to make players check-out and pay for their gear up front. Each player will simply be asked to pay for her order after she adds her sizing and info.


That means:

  • You don’t have to front the cash.

  • You don’t need to keep track of how much each player owes.

  • You don’t need to collect hundreds of dollars in cash, and carry it around till you hit the bank.

  • Did I mention that you don’t have to front the cash?

If you’re one of the very small number of captains who like collecting money from her players, you can also choose pay for the entire team in one go, just like before.



Add extra swag easily & risk-free

Have you ever thought about adding a team Daywalker or Long Sleeve warm-up to complement your basic uniform?


With Agility, you can easily add optional swag to your team store. If players like an item, they can add it to their order and pay for it right there, without any added work from you.


But what about being on the hook for a small amount of gear that doesn’t meet our minimum order quantities?


You may recall that Five has a policy of no hidden fees when you meet our minimum quantity, which is 15 items.


If enough players like it, then it’ll get made. If too few of them order it, you’ll get to choose whether you want to pay the extra fees. If not, we’ll simply refund the difference to the people who did add it.


So throw on those baller compression tights or the party jersey you’ve always wanted. There’s no risk and no hassle for you to add some sweet swag that your players might love!



Sell your gear as a fundraiser, and we’ll cut you a check!


Ohhhhh yeah. This is real.


Using Agility, we can create a link specifically for your fans, parents, alumni, or anyone else that might want to rep your gear. All you have to do is send the Agility link to them, and they’ll place an order using the same process that your players did!


Here’s the kicker: you can choose a custom price for each item in the link, and use the sales to raise money for your team! We’ll simply cut you a check for the difference once the store closes.


Of course, you’ll want to tell your friends, family, alumni that they’re paying a little extra to help you raise some funds. That way they’ll know they’re helping you, and they get a sweet piece of custom gear to show for it.



Over To You

Whew! That was quite a post. tldr; Agility is amazing and you shouldn’t use anything else. #jk #butreally


Congrats on making it to the end! Got any questions about Agility? Don't believe that it's the best way to order team gear? Hit me up in the comments, or get in touch to start an order in Agility right now!


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