Our Favorite Sublimated ultimate jersey Designs: Summer 2016

Posted on: on Sep 27, 2016 3:40:54 PM




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Below you'll find a few of our favorite sublimated team jerseys from summer 2016!


seattle league team

Hip Hop Anonymous



Our boy Karl came up with this rad design when the Seattle league team asked him for something sublimated with no other parameters. The captain was so jazzed when Karl came back with this design that he put in a good chunk of his own money to bring the cost down for his players. Awesome jerseys. Better captain.



seattle club team

Kermit Roosevelt Jr.

Karl designed this sub tank for his own Seattle club team. He loves creating over-the-top designs, and his team has gotten huge compliments from everyone they've played. Bonus: they light up SO BRIGHT underneath blacklight when they're out on the dancefloor!



SUNY Cortland

Team Rocket


Emily came up with this Mewtwo jersey to complement the dark Charizard jersey she designed for the New York-based college team last year. The Charizard design was a huge hit for the team, and this one is going into production now! Keep a look out for Team Rocket on the field!



University of Puget Sound Clearcut



Fivers Kip and Dylan (both Puget Sound alumni) teamed up on this stellar jersey for the Clearcut ladies women's team. The team was so psyched about the design that they took third at DIII College Championships this year!



wildwood tournament team

Big Summer Layout


The tournament team Big Summer Layout sent in this design to Sarah last year, but there wasn't enough time to get the jerseys to the team in time forWildwood 2015. Luckily, they were able to rock them on the beach in NJ this year! 



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