Fundraising tips: Selling team discs

Posted on: on Feb 23, 2018 10:54:46 AM



Since most ultimate teams get little to no funding from their schools, it's up to the teams to pay their way. And that can be really difficult for college students who are already living on a tight budget.


Good thing we're here to provide you with tips to expand your team's budget without asking your players for (more) straight cash! (Also check out our post about hitting up your alumni network for fundraising!)


We teamed up with Dani Osman of ARIA Ultimate on this post to talk about why selling discs is a great option for all teams - and how you can do it to raise the most money for your squad.


Why though?

Need some convincing on why your team should fundraise by selling discs? Read on!


People love discs

Not only are you raising money for your team to use toward bid fees, travel, team development, or team uniforms, but you're also bringing joy to new disc owners!


You can make people smile ear to ear and earn a penny or two in the process. Most people hold in high esteem the value of a brand new, top-level ultimate disc, and they'll be happy to pay for it.


Tickle your customers pink with your awesome product and impeccable service, and make them feel good about their valiant part in helping to fund your team's spring journey to regional dominance on the field!


team branding

Team discs are the best way to represent your school or team. Whether your group is the talk of Ultiworld or relative underdogs, every team can use some marketing to bring players together and grow its fan base.


Having a disc with your logo or design can inspire your team to feel more connected, fans to come to games, and passers-by to want to try ultimate - and try out for your team next year!


It's a flying ad, and if you go with ARIA, a pretty high-quality one at that!


They hold up

ARIA discs age well. If you end up with extras, you can add them to your disc bag to use at practices, games, and tournaments. Or, save them and sell them next year to get your budget in shape for fall.


The options are endless! And unlike a bake sale, your discs will not go stale.



But how?

What's the secret to making the most out of your fundraiser? We're so glad you asked!


Bulk pricing!

If you buy team discs in bulk, you'll get the best possible deal. You'll be paying a tiny fraction of what they normally sell for, which means when you're setting the public price, you can still set it at a reasonable rate and rake in high profits! #businessclass


Find your customers

If you have a sweet design and advertise it well, your customers might just find you. But, if you need some help finding the right folks, here are some suggestions of where to start:

  • Teams you play at tournaments! If your team shows great spirit and has a sweet disc design, your discs will sell themselves.

  • Your teammates! No one will represent your team better or love your discs harder. Pitch 'em on two: one for throwing, one for showing!

  • New recruits! You'd be surprised how important a disc is to convincing new players to join your spring squad. The early commitment to buying one's first disc is a gateway to committing to a career of a fun sport and incredible community. And you can be the one to make it happen! You should start pre-congratulating yourself now for your selfless dedication to the growth of the greatest sport in the world.

  • Family members! Discs are easy to transport, in the mail or in your suitcase, and they're a great sell for someone that wants to say "I love you, but only a medium amount." Grandma and Uncle Joe will be pleasantly surprised after years of being pressured to buy cases of girl scout cookies that never last more than one day.

  • Strangers! With weather getting nicer, non-ultimaters might be drawn in to throw on the quad if only they had a disc! And a disc that represents their school? That's perfect! Casual throwers are often an overlooked market, but they help you extend your sale window immensely.


Pro Tip: Task each of your players with selling 5 discs (or offer a prize for the teammate who sells the most discs)! When you spread the work over the group, it becomes much quicker, and you can get back to planning practices / social events.



get started

All this could lead to your team's financial freedom! Independence from the rec sports budget department! Ballooning social fund! Some programs ARIA has worked with have made more then $300 on top of a full bag of discs!


So there you have it:

Step one: Get discs.

Step two: Sell discs.

Step three: Profit.


If you're ready for step 1, hit us up at, or check out what we've got going on at www.ariaultimate.comWe can get you a quote, make your design disc-ready with our free art assistance, and let you get back to the important work of deciding how to spend your future new-found riches.



Over to you!

How has selling team discs worked for you? Any more tips on making it a success? Other fundraising strategies? Let us know in the comments below!