How Long Does It Take To Order Custom Team Gear?

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We all know that putting together an ultimate team is a lot of work. Running tryouts, rostering players, finding practice fields, establishing a team culture - that’s enough to get anyone’s brain in a tizzy!


It’s no wonder that many teams find themselves in a time crunch to get their gear before their first major tournament. Trust me - I know EXACTLY how it feels to organize a late night spray paint session with my team because we ran out of time to get legit team threads.


But alas - now I'm in a position to help you, stressed out captain!


We've broken down the Five Ultimate custom gear ordering timeline for you, so you can work backwards from when you need the gear and make sure that you start the process with plenty of time.


And once you're ready, here's where to go to get started:


Start an order!


Here’s what the **ESTIMATED** timeline looks like - and here's the Captain's Checklist for Ordering Team Gear to help you keep track of every stage of the process.


 Five Ultimate Gear Ordering Timelinetimeline---full-process---bigger-font-1.jpg

**DISCLAIMER: This is an estimated order timeline. Given the nature of custom orders, actual order timelines can be longer or shorter than depicted above. If your order time is subject to change, an Account Manager will notify you immediately**


Keep on reading for the in depth breakdown of these custom gear ordering stages.


Step 1: holler at us!

Recommended Time Allotment: ~1 week

Thinking about gear, but not sure what you want? Just ask us!


Start an order!


Follow that button to start your order, and let us know where you're at in the process. We're here to help and to answer all of your questions. And if you're a first time organizer, we've got more than enough resources and know-how to help you win big with your team with fly new gear!


The #1 can't-beat-it absolute best way to get your gear when you need it is to tell us when you need it right when you get in touch with us. We'll do our best to hit your deadline, or at least be able to communicate with you from the get-go if it can't happen. 


How to speed up this step:

We have some key questions we need answered from you before we can move you to the next step. Pre-empt those questions by including the answers in your initial reach-out:

  • When do you need your gear? --> Yep, I put it here again. It's that important!
  • Where are you located?
  • What artwork / design ideas do you have?


Step 2: refine mock-ups

Recommended Time Allotment: ~1-3 weeks


Once we have a good idea of what you're looking for, we'll direct you to a Five Account Manager to complete the rest of your order.


As you hopefully already know, we offer free artwork assistance!


Based on your art direction, our design master Karl will put together a mock-up for you. The design portion is frequently a back-and-forth process, until we land on the perfect mock-up for your squad. It's safe to budget at least a couple weeks for this step.


You're still more than welcome to opt out of free artwork assistance and submit your own artwork using our templates. Make sure you have original art files, and kick it all over to your Account Manager.


How to speed up this step:

If you haven't already, go read this post about how to give stellar art direction. Quick rules: Be specific, consistent, and responsive to email. And don't bring a team full of opinions into the design direction process - it never ends well.


Step 3: submit your order

Recommended Time Allotment: ~1-2 weeks


Mock-up approved? Time to get your player orders and payment submitted!


If you haven't heard yet, we have an online ordering system called Agility that can compile all your player info and payment individually, so you don't have to deal with it! (Learn more about why Agility is perfect for ordering ultimate team gear here!)


We typically keep Agility links open for 2 weeks, but we can adjust that based on your team's needs. 


How to speed up this step:

We highly recommend that teams use Agility for submitting their order, as it makes everyone's lives so much easier. But, if you don't trust your players to submit their orders on time, you can still use our trusted excel order form, collect player info on your own, and front the bill. Simply ask your Account Manager for that order form.



step 4: production & Shipping

Estimated production/shipping time for screen printing and spot sublimation: ~2-4 weeks

Estimated production/shipping time for full sublimation: ~8 weeks


Woah, that’s quite the time difference! Sure is - fully sublimated jerseys are a lot of work! (...but so worth it)


Unlike screen printing and spot sublimation, full sublimation requires equipment that we don't have here at Five HQ in Seattle. That means those items have to get submitted into production to our factory in Beijing.


Each of the different customization processes have their own pro's and con's. Decide what's right for your team based on your priorities, or ask us - we've done this before!


Once the printing production is complete, we'll do a quality-control check to make sure everything is as-ordered. And as gear passes our rigorous tests, we ship it all out to its forever homes.


How to speed up this step:

By the time you get to this step, the only variable left to affect your timeline is how busy we are. We'll keep you updated on that front when you get in touch, but I can tell you right now, based on historical ordering cycles:

fall is the best time to order team gear. 


Most college teams wait until spring to order team gear, which means that's our busiest time of year. In addition to getting shorter production timelines, fall orderers often enjoy a wider range of in-stock catalog options, more attentive Account Manager responses, and money-savings with early bird deals!


Step 4: Look Supa-Fly

Recommended Time Allotment: Forever



We think you got this one covered. Get it? Because you’re covered in cool swag? Haaaa…




Fun fact: you just read Chapter 1 in our gear ordering guide! Download the complete guide to see what comes next:


Download the Beginner's Complete Guide to Ordering Team Gear


Or, if you've got everything you need, let's get you started on creating some hot new team gear for your crew!


Start an order!



Over To You


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