5 Pieces of Team Gear You Didn't Know You Could Customize

Posted on: on Jan 12, 2017, 3:09:46 PM

Ghost Train Post Header.jpg

 Ghost Train on the line in their custom Five boxers. Photo credit: Kat Overton


Jerseys and shorts are staples, but if your team is looking to go beyond the typical-gear-menu, we've got you covered. Bet you didn't know we could customize warm-up pants or tournament bags for your team! We can do that and so much more. Having our own factory allows us the creative freedom to dream up and create some masterpieces. 


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Here's an assortment of some of our favorites.


1. Compression Tights & Shorts


When you're standing on the line and you feel those matching team compression tights against your body, you'll remember why you came to play. You and your teammates can choose to play in only the compression tights/shorts or you can have them peaking out under your Triton or Hydro Shorts to maximize your intimidation factor.







Truffula Tree Women's Flash 3/4 Compression Tights & Shorts created for the team Desert Lorax.





Desert Lorax custom Men's Bolt 6"Compression Shorts & Men's Bolt Compression Tights.



2. Sports Bras


Going shirts vs. sports bras? Whip off your jersey to show off those matching team sports bras!



 This screen printed sports bra was done for Kali Ultimate.



We made these sweet sublimated sports bras for ROAR Ultimate in Seattle.



3. Boxers 


How close-knit can your team really be if you don't have matching boxers? You can catch Ghost Train secretly rocking their team boxers under their shorts or ditching the whole concept of shorts completely (as pictured).


Ghost Train in Boxers-edited.jpg

 Ghost Train basking in the beauty of their customized team boxers.




 A closer look at their sublimated boxers.



4. Daywalker Hoodies


Looking for the perfect item for the team to wear for warm-ups, cool downs, and team gatherings? The Daywalker Hoodie is it! It's made out of our soft Electro fabric and looks good on everyone, guaranteed!



UG-Daywalker-Final-Mock-Edited.jpgAt in UG Daywalker-1.jpg











Seattle Underground's Daywalker mock-up and AT repping it with the reminder to always #KeepDigging.



Seattle Riot's custom Daywalker with red contrast stitching.



And, the item that every team needs...


5. The Rager


We've only ever had one team customize a rager before, but yours could be the second! The flourescent bow-tie pasta Ragers you see below are one-of-a-kind prizes that were awarded to Montana Pillowfight last year when they won the grand Funbassador prize for being the most ridiculous, spirited Funbassador team.


Pillowfight Ragers.jpg

You can wear them on the field, at the party, or...




... up in the mountains (apparently)!




We originally thought that no team had ever customized a Rager before, but alas, we stood corrected. In 2016, the Potlatch team, Ghostbusters did just that and it was epic.





Ghostbusters Potlatch Team Pic Rager 2-edited.jpg

The Ghostbusters at Potlatch showing off their custom Ragers.


To keep the customization party going, be sure to check out the sequel to this article, "5 MORE pieces of team gear you didn't know you could customize"!


And to make all your team swag dreams come true, get in touch with us about starting your custom order, and be sure to allow 6-8 weeks for design and production time!



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Does your team have some out-of-the-box custom gear? Do you have any questions about the process for ordering items that aren't jerseys or shorts? Hit us up in the comments with questions, comments, or pictures!