It's Time To Register For The USA Ultimate College Series!

Posted on: on Feb 15, 2017, 10:00:00 AM



We can sympathize that as team organizer, there's a lot to keep track of. But if you're planning to go to Regionals, registering for the series should be priority #1! We're here to help you make all your deadlines and get everything squared away with your team so you can get back to the fieldwork.


**Note that the dates in this post are specific to the 2018 spring college season.


Step one:


Get your team and players set up on Seriously: make haste! Go open that up in another tab right now!

  • Log into your USAU account.

  • Create your team and add all your players.

  • Corral your players to log into their accounts and sign their waivers for 2017.


Step two:

Print off your team's roster, and submit it to your school registrar for verification. 
  • Your registrar could take up to 2 or 3 weeks with this step if they're slow or busy, so factor that into your timeline!

  • While you wait for the registrar to do its thing, now is a good time to review USAU's College Eligibility Rules and make sure all your players comply.

  • It's also a great time to remind your players to pay their USAU dues so that everyone can play in the next tournament.

step three:

Send your registrar-approved roster to USAU! USAU must receive your roster by 5PM on March 2!

  • Here's that address:

USA Ultimate

Re: College Roster

[Gender Division]/[Conferences]/[Name of College]

5825 Delmonico Dr.

Suite 350

Colorado Springs, CO 80919

  • If you are submitting additional info, address the letter "Re: College Roster- Additions"

  • Once you've submitted your roster, USAU will mark your eligibility on this map with an icon and email you if there's something missing or submitted incorrectly. (Typically USAU will update your status within 48 hours, but allow a week during their busier periods.)



important dates from usau:

  • March 2: Last date to submit eligibility inquiries ( that are specific to your school and your situation. If you have general clarification or deadline questions, you can still ask Tom Manewitz (, but be advised that between March 2-16, he'll be in a frenzy sorting through roster submissions.

  • March 2: Deadline for your roster to be RECEIVED by USAU.

  • March 16: Last day to settle any lingering eligibility issues.

  • April 1: Last day to sign up for your conference event.



  • If your school is a consortium, you'll need a registrar-verified roster from all of the schools with players competing. More info about consortium teams can be found on USAU's College Eligibility page.

  • If your school is DIII (fewer than 7500 students), you may compete in DI if you so choose by selecting DI on the second page of the Roster Sheet. You can learn more about that process here.

  • Do you need to pay before you submit your roster? Nope! So don't let that hold you up. You do need to pay before you play though.
  • Minors will need a parent or guardian to sign their USAU waiver and will also need to submit a Medical Authorization Form.

  • To be included in USAU's college rankings, your team must play a minimum of 10 sanctioned games. You may, however, still play the series, if you don't hit that minimum.

Resources and Tools:


over to you!

Got questions or helpful advice for other folks registering their college team? Let us know in the comments below!