How To Leave Your Team in Better Shape Than You Found It

Posted on: on Apr 24, 2017, 11:26:59 AM



We know that you've got a lot of graduation to-do's on your plate and you're probably feeling glad to be done with team logistics. But before you run away, do your team one last solid and share your knowledge of running the team.


Remember when you first became captain and felt lost and unprepared for the year before you? It doesn't have to be that way!


You can and should help next year's captains by sharing what you learned along the way.


Here are our tips for leaving your team in better shape than you found it.


1. Pass on all important contact and account info

Don't make the next captain hunt around for all this info when you can easily hand it off to them. 


Consider compiling the following for the future leadership:


School admin contacts

Who should your captain talk to about getting a booth set up for club fair? Who, if anyone, is in charge of your school's contributions to team funds?  If your school has uniform requirements, who should the captain talk to about approval? Who in the registrar's office should your captain contact when it comes time for eligibility?


Where is the registrar's office?!


Team email and important account info

If your team doesn't have a team email, you should set one up (or delegate it to someone). It's super helpful to filter all team-related emails with that account, and it makes passing off contact information a lot easier at the end of the year.

In the words for John Wildman in the comments of this post: "For the love of god, create a master team email. Nothing is worse than trying to hunt through your team's info online or in past emails for whoever your captain is this year."


If your team has a Facebook group, Gmail listserv, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or any other account, hand over that info and give your new captain admin privileges.


While you're updating accounts, make sure to add the new captain as a team manager on your team's USAU account. The new team manager can then remove you from the account. If you forget to do this, the new captain will have to email USAU to adjust the account, and that's just an added pain for everyone.


Contacts at other teams

If you've got relationships with organizers on other teams, that can be super helpful info for next year's captain when they're looking for tournaments to attend, for teams to attend their tournament, and teams to scrimmage.


Hook your pal up with your cross-team connections so they can continue those regional relationships.


Connect your team's new leadership with your team gear rep

Ordering team gear can feel like a lot of work. Take some weight off the future captain's shoulders by connecting them with your gear account manager. 

Pro Tip:

We've made this super easy for Five teams, so you can check it off and redirect your attention to other things like picking up your cap and gown. 

Simply fill out this short form with an email address from someone on next year's leadership team.

Bonus: We're giving returning college teams 10 free Aria discs when they order in the fall! Submit that form, and help fill up your team's disc bag!


2. Share your planning processes

Here are a few places to start:


How to schedule and plan the season

This is quite a beast to tackle if you've never thought about it before. What was your method to planning?

Pro Tip:

If you're having a hard time organizing and articulating your advice, check out our posts on season planning and creating goals & expectations for the season to get those wheels turning!


When and how to apply for the series

Most people are out of the loop when it comes to registering for the series. Save your teammates the freak-out by telling them what you know.

Pro Tips:

We've got a blog post about registering for the series to help you out.

It's also not a bad idea to get your future captain to follow USAU on Twitter. They'll blast out reminders when the time is right.


How to manage the team budget

Hopefully you've got some help with this from other leaders on your team, but we're including it here to make sure that it's communicated.


How does your team typically collect funds and manage the budget? What works, what doesn't, and how much money should your new leaders expect to front, cover, and be reimbursed for?


How to deal with heated team dynamics

Player dynamic issues are going to be pretty specific to your team and even to your class.


Spend some time thinking through your encounters with this and what strategies you used to re-focus the team when personalities clashed.


What happened? How did you deal and get everyone back on the same page?


3. Put together a list of tips that you wish someone would have given you

We'll help get you started:

    1. Submit your USAU roster EARLY. Ultimate players like to operate in their own timezone, but missing this deadline could have big consequences for your team's season.
    2. Get uniforms in the fall so you can spend spring focused on the series and can take advantage of those early bird savings that lots of gear providers offer in the fall (hint hint!).
    3. Reserve hotels two weeks before the date of the tournament. If you've never been in a bind where all the hotels in the area are booked, consider yourself lucky! Book early.
    4. Plan your home tournament at the beginning of the season. This'll get more teams to come and can save money when registering for sanctioning with USAU.
    5. Car rental companies won't let one person reserve more than one vehicle. Good to know when planning rides!
    6. Another car one: Only people aged 25 and up can rent 15 passenger vans.
    7. Delegate! Get a treasurer, president, tournament organizer, the works! You don't need to take all this on yourself.

4. tell the new captains to subscribe to the Captain Resources Blog

Yes, this is a plug, but it's still a really useful tool for your team.


After being in the game for over 10 years and working with thousands of teams in that time, we've got a lot of pro tips and access to experts that we love using to help college programs grow and improve. Encourage your team to take advantage of our resources!


Send this link to new captains to sign up!


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over to you!

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