Our Favorite Sublimated ultimate jersey Designs: Fall 2016

Posted on: on Feb 2, 2017 3:52:14 PM



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Yup! That's because we think that all teams deserve sick artwork even if they don't have an art major or tons of cash to blow. Our Custom Crew is dedicated to making sure that you fall in love with your jersey at first site and whether your team's looking to sport some over-the-top jerseys or wants a sleek, professional design, they've got your back and front and even sleeves!


We've compiled our very favorite sublimated team jerseys from fall 2016 below!


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bay area

Ursa Major

Ursa Major mock-up.jpg

This wild jersey was designed by Sarah for the Bay Area mixed team, Ursa Major. The constellation, Ursa Major, is also known as "Big Bear." Thus, the big bear on the front.



lei out

Cheeky NandosNandos Women's Gunshow mock-up.jpg

These sublimated Gunshow Tanks were designed by Kip for the Cheeky Nandos at Lei-Out this year. What's a Cheeky Nando, you ask? We're not super sure, but we think it's a Brit thing.



georgia tech



Dino Jump mock-up2.jpg


This sick jersey was designed by Danae Argyropoulou, a member of Georgia Tech's women's ultimate team, Wreck. Pays to have artsy teammates, amirite? It's incredible how the jersey makes you sad and happy at the same time. Sad that you're stuck waiting for the internet to load, and yet so so happy because #nostalgia.



boise state

Buffalo Gals


Buffalo Gals Sub Mock.jpg


Emily designed this back in the day, but it is still one of our favorite sublimated jerseys. It must be a hit with the Boise State Buffalo Gals too since they reordered these this fall!





Bunny Huckit


Bunny Huckit Mock-Up.jpg


These sweet jerseys were designed by Kip for the Portland team, Bunny Huckit. It's fair to say that the whole Five office was a huge fan of these (see below).




When teams get sweet designs, we make some for ourselves! Thanks Bunny Huckits!


 It's true! Karl's even wearing his jersey in the office today.


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