Our favorite sublimated ultimate jersey designs: fall 2017

Posted on: on Jan 25, 2018 11:53:28 AM



Free art assistance from the best ultimate jersey designer in the biz!


Have you had the pleasure of meeting Five's full-time designer? His name is Karl, and he balls out on both graphic design AND ultimate costumes. Proof: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.


In addition to his fly Spirit game, Karl's got 5 years of experience designing ultimate jerseys, which means he's done hundreds of sublimated jerseys. That's right: HUNDREDS OF SUB JERSEYS. He's a pro, and we're enormously proud to have him on our team.


Shameless plug time: all of those hundreds (!!) of sub jerseys were free for the team, because Five never charges for art assistance. We'll even make your sub jersey from scratch fo' free. Pretty cool huh?


That being said, a few of the subs below were actually sent to us by teams all completed. We'll be sure to shoutout the appropriate designer below :)


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 ohio state fever



This OH State Fever design (one of our Elite college sponsored teams, dontcha know!) has our pulse quickening. Led with a detailed sketch and excellent feedback from the team, Karl and our production team pumped life to this jersey!



 kaimana squeezin' sallys


Tournament teams are always super fun to work with - great attitudes, clear timelines, and always a super fun vision for what they're looking for. The Squeezin' Sallys mock originated with the awesome art from Paniloco jerseys (Sallys' team in 2015) and Kaimana tanks we sold at the tournament in 2017. We love how they turned out!



UMD northern lights


Starting with a compelling idea and draft from UMD Northern Lights, all Karl had to do was clean up the art elements and make a few minor adjustments. We love that this jersey captures the beautiful colors of a rare northern night sky in an updated, original, and sleek style.



colorado kali


Another Five Elite sponsored (and Upwind sponsored!) college team, Kali is a force to reckon with this spring. So naturally, they've got some pretty badass jerseys to rock while they're in action. Led with 2015 inspiration of the US National Team's white jerseys and Freespeed's slick sub jerseys, Karl mocked this professional jersey for Kali.



uw element


Karl's a big soccer fan and was excited to use inspiration from the 2015/16 US soccer team's jerseys in this Element sub jersey. This is a great example of how texture can really add to your gradient for a super pro look!



stall zero heroes 


Thanks to amazing art from Gabriel Posluszny, Karl was able to recreate this jersey on our mock-up, knowing exactly what the team was looking for. The ultimate-super-hero name, the cartoony realism, and the royal purple cape all deserve to be in the hall of fame for ultimate sub jerseys!


+ Honorable mention to the Whitman Sweets for these stellar windmill-inspired jerseys!


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