Our favorite sublimated ultimate jersey designs: summer 2018

Posted on: on Aug 28, 2018 10:34:48 AM



You know we still got that free art assistance for ya!


From crazy tournament team designs to sharp competitive styles, the diverse skills of our veteran ultimate jersey designer Karl come through in excellent form this summer.


Oh yeah, did we mention that his impeccable design eye and mad art skillz are free to our customers?


We think all teams should get the legit look they want on the field, regardless of budget. Interested in seeing what magic Karl can do for your team? Start an order with the button below!


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And without further ado, we're proud to present our favorite sub jerseys we worked on this summer!



colorado ultimate

Small batch


These overall-rocking Coloradans crushed their Small Batch sub design! They sent over this beauty to our account manager Amanda, and all we had to do was print 'em up. Great work Small Batch!



world champions

seattle bfg


ICYMI - Seattle BFG won the mixed division of the World Ultimate Club Championships (WUCC) this year! Heck yeah!


But their ultimate game isn't all that's crushing it on the field. As a Five sponsored team, they're rocking these sweet whites this summer, as a patriotic update to last year's threads. Shout out to Karl for helping to bring their vision to life!



portland vintage

oh my!


This 8-bit throwback was the all the team's creation, and all Karl had to do was switch it over to our template. Now let's just hope this Oregon Trail team steers clear of dysentery!



wildwood tournament team

pull the disc kronk




Filling the conversation with Emperor's New Groove GIFs, account manager Claire found this Wildwood team super fun to work with! Karl worked on some other versions, but ultimately, the team landed on this design of their own creation.


In case you're wondering about using trademarked images on ultimate gear, this counts as parody and cleared the legality check. To learn more about what is and isn't allowed on ultimate jerseys, check out this post on ultimate gear design rules, or just ask your Five Ultimate account manager.



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