Set the tone with your team huddle

Posted on: on Oct 29, 2017 11:03:00 AM


Team culture talk!


Your team culture is set by the leaders on your team, as rooks will inevitably follow the example set for them. Whether or not your veterans are making conscious decisions to make new players feel welcome on the team, to show up to practice early, or to rock a Nintento-themed wardrobe around campus doesn't really matter. Those decisions all factor into what makes up your team culture.


Another big team culture moment where you can help steer your team is in the team huddle. 


We've got tips from Mario O'Brien from RISE UP for how to use the huddle to bring your team together. Take a look:




To learn more about Mario's new leadership called Ultacademy, go here. And for RISE UP videos, go here!


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over to you!

What do you try to achieve with your huddles in practice or in games? How do you get there? Share your thoughts in the comments below!