Team Swag: Level 1 To 9000

Posted on: on Sep 12, 2017 10:48:32 AM

Choosing Right Gear-1.jpgAn eclectic spread of Seattle Ghost Train swag


Is your team interested in custom gear, but not everyone's heart is set on the standard jersey and shorts combo? You want the jersey...but I'm more interested in a know how it goes.


At Five, we want every team (and every player) to have the flexibility to choose what swag items are right for them. That's why we offer a selection of different jersey tops, shorts, and extra swag options - all a la carte.


With our Agility team store, it's never been easier to pick and choose the gear you want. All you need to do is decide on which items should be mandatory and which are bonus swag! Learn more about Agility here.


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level 1: the full kit

At a minimum, make sure that your players have a light, a dark, and a pair of shorts to play in. In other words, make sure they have some form of a "full kit".


Yaka 3.jpgYaka showing off their lights and dark kits.


For early season games, it doesn't matter too much if the jerseys are the exact same. As long as they are the same color and easily differentiable from your opponents - you're golden. 


However, once you get to USAU sanctioned spring tournaments, be sure to brush up on the USAU uniform requirements. 


There are a lot of ways to look fly in Five gear, so it helps to know what's available. Let's take a look into your different options with Five!


IMG_4478.jpgNow THAT'S a kit!



Before listing the jersey options, I want to take a minute to talk about our Electro fabric, which many call magic. Electro is beathable, moisture-wicking, and odor-suppressing. We've deemed it the perfect fabric for playing ultimate. Try it out, and let us know what you think!

  • Electro Short Sleeve Jersey: If you haven't heard, our classic jersey recently got an upgrade! It's now got a more athletic cut, rocks a stronger and more comfortable stitching technique, and dons our new sleek Five patch! Heck yeah! Learn about all the improvements here.
 Rohre Titcomb and Khalif El-Salaam rocking our new Electro short sleeve jerseys in a US National Team photoshoot. Photo cred: Tino Tran

  • Electro Long Sleeve Jersey: Summer doesn't last forever. Long sleeves can make the other three seasons a little more comfortable. Like the short sleeve, our long sleeves will soon be getting a makeover - so keep an eye out for some new cuts Spring 2018!
  • Electro Gun Show Tanks: Don't hide those huck-happy guns you call arms; show them off instead! These 2 panel tanks are groovy to the max, and fully sublimatable, if that's your jam!
  • Mesh Reversible Tanks: 2 for 1! Just be careful not to go overboard on screens - it can get expensive printing on both the light and dark sides (Pro Tip: you can spot-sub the white side instead!).


For shorts, we have two types of fabric, and two different gender cuts for each of those:

  • Unisex Hydro: The original stretchy ultimate short. The craze is real, and you honestly can't go wrong with Hydros.
  • Women's Hydro: The women's cut is shorter and has a wider waistband than its unisex counterpart. From feedback and personal experience, it's a way more comfortable option for women.
shorts.jpgShout out to these Hydro legs at Spring Reign!

  • Unisex Triton: Triton is our water resistant "swooshy" material. Additionally, it's got a shorter, more athletic cut than Hydro shorts. And of course, the buttvent, for some much needed added air flow! 
  • Women's Triton: Though it's made of from the same Triton material, the women's cut looks pretty different. It's much shorter, rocks the compression tights waistband, and has the mesh on the sides for style! This new model also shows off our new Five patch! (Note that USAU is okay with your team mixing Unisex and Women's Triton shorts, provided that you don't add a contrast mesh color.)

triton short.jpg

 Side by side template comparison of the unisex and women's Triton cuts



The Bonus Swag

Feel like something's missing? Like your kit just isn't complete? Are you just itching for more team swag to show off to your friends and family?


Level 1 Bonus Swag: "I'm broke, but I just HAVE to have more swag!"

  • Headbands and hats: Practical and economical. Now that's using your noggin (in two ways!). 

US National Team knows headbands are where it's at. Photo cred: NKolakovic


Level 2 Bonus Swag: "I'm obsessed and prepared to throw down for some higher value swag!"

  • Daywalkers: A light, stylish hoodie that has gained much popularity with the ultimate scene over recent years. Perfect for dance time-outs, sideline naps, or just everyday wear - case and point below.


Hootenanny awesomeness! Photo cred: Kat Overton


  • Flash Tights and Shorts: Too excited about your team? Contain yoself...with these breathable and badass compression tights and shorts. And what's can sublimate both of these (as long as the design is tessellated).


Just relaxing on this boulder in my fly Five threads! Photo cred: Tino Tran


  • Sports Bras and Boxer Briefs: Don't just rep from the outside. Rep from the inside too - with some custom underFLAIR!
Level 9000 Bonus Swag: "Normal gear isn't going to cut it, I NEED to crank that rep game up to eleven."
  • Tournament Bags: Don't pretend. You know when a team shows up with matching team bags that it's about to go down.

Max, sneaking hotdogs into his Tournament Bag.


  • Ragers: Your team...from head to toe...need we say more?



Hammer Time rocking Five Ragers at Windmill Windup


Need inspiration? Check out how these items have been customized by other teams here and here.


what's next?

Fun fact: you just read Chapter 2 in our gear ordering guide! Download the complete guide to see what you missed in Chapter 1 and to continue your gear ordering research:


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