Team Twitter: Getting in the Game

Posted on: on Mar 28, 2019 10:45:00 AM


Twitter isn’t an absolute must for most teams, but it can be a great tool for your team to gain visibility and cred in the ultimate community and beyond. Let’s go over some of the reasons you might want to get your team active on/in/around the Twittersphere:


Be Engaged in the Ultimate Community

Our sport is only as awesome as the people who play, and we can only progress if we work together to further the conversation! New strategies, culture shifts, and movements happen when people get active in the community, so get LOUD!


Keep Your Fans in the Know

Your fans want to know the scores from your last tournament, so don’t leave them in suspense! You might even pick up some new supporters along the way!


Professional Development!

Did you know that some people write tweets for a LIVING??? If you’re someone interested in going into social media marketing, your team’s twitter can be a great place to get familiar with writing in a particular style and voice. You’ll definitely want a place to practice before you make a catastrophic error that could follow you for the rest of your life…




Ultimate players have always had the burden of trying to convince their NURP (Non-Ultimate-Regular-Person) friends that “ultimate is a real sport”, but ESPECIALLY in college you have to convince not only your peers but ALSO the entire athletic department that “you’re a real team (that could use a bigger budget)!” Having an active social media presence will help solidify the illusion that “yes, we are a very serious, organized group of athletes!”

Having a social media presence can be instrumental here. I mean, everything that’s on the internet is definitely 100% real and true, right? Joking aside, having an active and engaging Twitter will show the world that you have a team full of real, live humans that run practices and work out and drive 5+ hours to go to tournaments, and that you don’t throw discs for dogs or just toss on the quad during lunch (although if you do that too that's totally cool).

As an added bonus, your Twitter will get you cred within the community as well! You’ll thank us when you get new tryouts showing up that say, “yeah, I saw your team on Twitter!”



With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Just because you can say whatever you want on the internet definitely doesn’t mean that you should. Remember - you’re holding your whole team’s reputation in the palm of your hands every time you fire off a tweet! This is ESPECIALLY important if you’re a college or high school team - you’re representing the entire school, and any missteps could spell misfortune for your team. Have fun with it, but remember that Spirit of the Game applies all the time, even on the internet!





What does your team do to have an active voice in the ultimate community? Let us know how you get involved in the conversation in the comments below (how meta)!