Team Twitter: How and What to Tweet

Posted on: on Apr 9, 2019 2:15:00 PM


From our last post, we know that Twitter is a great asset for teams looking to build out their identity, expand their audience, and establish the #legitimacy of their program.


But how do you decide what to tweet?


Great question! In line with the reasons we went over in the last article, the bottom line is that each and every one of your tweets should serve a purpose - no wasted characters! Make sure you’re adding something of value to the long and storied narrative of the sport! You also want to make sure that you develop a consistent voice for your account, one that matches with your team’s set culture. Here are some starting points:


News and Updates

Fans want to know about your tournament schedules or roster announcements - give the people what they want! Twitter is also good for sharing information on fundraising efforts, special events, and the like. More eyeballs on your fundraiser = more funds raised!


Fun fact: the ND Ultimate is the account shared across all teams at Notre Dame



While it can be a tall task, and some Twitter netizens may find it to be too much information, posting live score updates can be a good way to stay engaged and at the top of people’s brains. To keep your live-tweets separate from the rest of your content, you might consider having your main account and an additional, live-tweet specific one that your audience can follow or unfollow at-will. Keep in mind that it’s basically a full-time job to post score updates over a tournament weekend, but think of the payoff when you break the news on a big upset win!




Team Culture

We talk a lot about culture, because it's important! Show off that team identity that you've worked so hard to cultivate and flaunt it to the world. There are a lot of aspects to culture - how are you supposed to summarize what it's like to be on an ultimate team in 280 characters or less? Here are some ideas to get you started.

Player Profiles

Your players are what make the team. Show the human side of your team by highlighting your athletes. Depending on the culture of your team, you can approach this on a spectrum from silly to serious - the choice is yours!

Everything else

Culture posts are a huge topic, but basically it includes anything that gives your audience a peak into what it’s like to be on your team. What are the things that you love about your team? Take a video of your team’s warm up dance, show off your new jerseys, or live-tweet your road trip to your next tournament. Basic rule: if it’s something that excites you, it’ll probably be exciting for at least one of your followers! It’s a niche sport - go wild with those niche tweets.





Get interactive! It’s important to be engaged in the ultimate community outside of your team. Discuss favorite sideline jams, ask for advice on how to run drills, or start a friendly rivalry. Build relationships with other programs - we’re all friends here!



 Meme usage is a great way to stay relevant.



There’s no harm in asking, right?



Bottom line: You do You.

The most important thing in all this is that you have fun with it. If heckling your conference rivals isn't your thing, that's totally cool - do what makes you happy. Twitter is just one of the many ways you can spread the joy you get from playing ultimate on a team with your friends, and if the only thing we get out of this article is that we get just a few more pics of all the sideline dogs of the world, I'll call this a win.





What does your team do to have an active voice in the ultimate community? Let us know how you get involved in the conversation in the comments below (how meta)!