The Art of Hosting a Party Tournament

Posted on: on Oct 23, 2016, 6:00:00 AM

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Thanks, Tulsa Ultimate Federation!


Want to host a fun tournament that causes the most severe onsets of Post Tournament Depression come Monday? Well we have some tips for you!


My name is Max Barowski and I am the Events Manager at Five. I grew up playing ultimate in the midwest, where they know a thing or two about a good party tournament. Looking at you Tulsa Solstice, Harvest Moon and Poultry Days!


I’ve been a Tournament Director for over 20 tournaments and attended at least 25 tournaments a year, so I have seen my fair share of flops and successes!


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Create a Fun Environment on the Field


One of the easiest ways to encourage a fun atmosphere at your event is to give your tournament a theme.


Whether you are hosting a hat tournament and you make all your teams different Sesame Street characters, or you are hosting a fun college tournament and every team that attends has to have a collective costume, centering your tournament around a loose theme is a great way to encourage teams to come together in a unique way.

Encourage teams to play spirit games together before, after, and even during the games! Teams that give away spirit prizes to the teams they compete against create strong relationships with the those teams and players in their community.


As a TD, you can help by allowing more time between round start times so that teams aren’t rushed to get through their spirit games.


Facilitate Bonding Off the Field


Most teams expect a chill-ish get together for people that are able to arrive at a decent hour on Friday, but make sure you know your audience. You want every facet of your event to be as accessible as possible for the teams attending, which is why you shouldn't host a 21+ event at a college-aged tournament, for example.


A Saturday night dinner is always appreciated by the players. Especially if you can hold it at the fields right after the games end.


This will give teams a chance to interact with others and relax a bit without having to scramble around a town they are unfamiliar with, in search for a place to accommodate 20 sweaty bodies.


Your dinner event can even transition into a Saturday night party if the timing works out. Which brings me to my last point...


You MUST have a Saturday night party!


The best tourney parties bring a little bit of everything to the night. Personally, I try to always have plenty of space and tables for games to be played, and if the budget allows, I'll bring in a live band, a big dance floor, a DJ laying down some good beats to dance to, and maybe even a costume contest!


If you are lucky enough to have space for all of this, close proximity to the teams' crash pads, and a venue that doesn’t have to kick you out at 2am, then you have the ingredients for the perfect party.


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