The Ultimate Tournament Packing List

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Packing well for a tournament is essential to a great performance. Have you ever zipped open your tournament bag before a big game to discover you’ve forgotten your uniform, or even worse, your cleats? Or perhaps you’ve played a great day and then realized you’re going to have to head to team dinner without a clean change of clothes. What you decide to bring with you has a huge effect on your overall tournament success. So whether you’re flying across the country to play frisbee, or just hopping across the city, we can help. Without further ado, we’re proud to present the Five Ultimate Packing List.


If you’re interested in a printable, laminatable version, scroll down to the bottom, right click on the image and print away. We like to keep one of these bad boys in our Field Bag’s pocket so we can reference when we pack.


We recommend two bags. One for the field, aka The Field Bag, and one for everything else that will stay at the hotel, aka The Hotel Bag. Keep in mind that though we’ve made a fairly comprehensive list, you should feel free to mix and match according to the weather prediction and your own playing needs.

Field Bag

    • Cell phone (Lifeline to the outside world)
    • Wallet + cash (Yep, cash. Because those tournament concessions stands often don’t take cards and those nachos are calling your name)
    • Keys (for getting back into your residence at the end of this whole shebang)
    • Phone charger/portable charger (tournament plugins are non-existent and you’ve got to keep up the twitter feed, right?)
    • Headphones (for your pre-game pump-ups)
    • Toiletries
      • Contacts + solution, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, razor, wet-wipes, hair ties, ear plugs, nail-clippers and sunscreen (there’s nothing worse than losing a toenail because you haven’t clipped in awhile)
  • Generic first aid
      • Band-aids, Neosporin, pre-wrap, athletic tape, moleskin painkiller of choice, allergy medicine, bug spray, chapstick, aloe, sunburn (Fairly self-explanatory)
    • Uniform
    • Cleats (One pair for you, one pair for the friend that didn’t use this list)
    • Socks, socks and more socks (Three a day is not excessive. Two for playing, one for clean feet post play)
    • Reversible (Optional layer to keep your game jersey clean during warmups)
    • Mid-Weight Layer (To throw on during your sideline time)
    • Water bottle and water jug/Camelback (one for electrolyte mix/one for water)
  • Head Gear
      • Hat
      • Headband
      • Sunglasses
      • Wide brimmed sun hat (Clutch item for winning the sidelines and avoiding sneaky sunburn during byes)
  • Beanie (for cold-weather play, or to keep your gnarly day two hair out of your face)
    • Favorite snacks + electrolyte (starter kit below)
      • Salty: trail mix, pretzels, protein bars, peanut butter packets, nuun
      • Protein: protein bars, protein powder (put into a separate packet for post play)
      • Sugar:  granola bars, shot bloks, gummy snacks, GU
    • Sidelines chair (Optional item to optimize lounging capacity during byes)
    • Rain Gear
      • Rain Jacket
      • Rain pants
      • Trashbag (For wet gear so the rental car company doesn’t come after you)
    • Compression gear / braces (For nagging injuries, and also looking fly)
  • Foam roller / lacrosse ball / the stick (For the foam party on Friday, or rolling out your muscles before the big game)

Hotel Bag

  • Pillow and sleeping bag (Unless you’re talented at snagging that primo bed spot)
  • Towel (Unless you’re into sharing the tiny hotel ones)
  • Eyemask + Extra Earplugs (Practice for Hollywood debut / someone always snores)
  • Computer + Charger (Because, productivity, right?)
  • Headlamp (when your teammates are trying to sleep and you’re trying to study for the chem final…)
  • Street clothes (Jeans/t-shirt/underwear/socks etc)

Puffy / fleece (Cold weather layers that can come with you to the fields if needed)



Too much to remember? Same. So that's why we created this printable version that you can keep in your bag for easy reference! You're welcome.


Download the Ultimate Tournament Packing List



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What's in your bag? What's that one thing you MUST HAVE whenever you play? Let us know in the comments section below! Your suggestion might just end up in a revised list!