Top 5 Blog Posts from 2017

Posted on: on Dec 30, 2017 11:43:00 AM



Here are the most popular posts on our Captain Resources Blog from 2017. If you missed one, be sure to check out what all the hype is about!


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5. 5 tips for the first-time college captain

5 tips-1.jpg


Number five in our round-up gives five simple and actionable tasks for first-time captains to hit the ground running.


4. Our Favorite Sub Designs from Spring 2017 + Summer 2017

Best Sub Designs - Spring 2017-1.jpg




These two posts were neck and neck, and since they're in the same vein, we decided to #cheattowin and include them both. Enjoy perusing these hits!



3. 5 pieces of team gear you didn't know you could customize

Ghost Train Post Header-1.jpg


There are some teams that aren't happy with simple jerseys and shorts. We've got a lot of team swag customization options, and it's fun to see how teams use them to show off their culture!


Be sure to check out the follow-up: 5 MORE pieces of team gear you didn't know you could customize!


2. How to leave your team in better shape than you found it



In the number two spot is a list of tips for graduating captains to set their team up for success when they leave. Be sure to read through it or share it with your captain so you're not left in the lurch when they're gone!



1. Using your ultimate experience to land a job

Land a Job Post - Resume.jpg


Our most popular blog post from 2017 helps folks talk about ultimate on their resume and in interviews. Spoiler alert: we all grow when playing ultimate, and that growth is a marketable skill to talk to potential employers about!




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