The Ultimate Spirit Game Master List - Safe Version

Posted on: on Jun 4, 2019 2:09:19 PM
By request we've curated a 'safe version' of our Ultimate Spirit Game Master List which eschews some of our more risque games. This is a great resource to use with youth teams or any group wishing to respect boundaries (the games on our full list are great too, just make sure you have ENTHUSIASTIC CONSENT from all participants!)! As always, if you have any suggestions to add to the list, holler at us!
When the game has been won and "good games" congratulated, conditions are perfect to get down with your new friends for a Spirit game.
Spirit games are a key ingredient in the recipe for play that is both Spirited and competitive. They can bridge the gap between star-crossed lovers players, and give you an opportunity to celebrate your ultimate friendships by clowning around with your favorite people.
We owe a special thanks to the Funbassadors, our sponsored teams especially skilled in the art of Spirit, for helping us compile this list. They know their Spirit games better than anyone!
BUT we admit that this might not be a complete list of all the Spirit games in the entire universe. Help us make it more complete by contributing in the form at the bottom of the post!
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circle up!

1. Wah


One player starts by saying "wah" and holding both hands pressed together above her head. She sends the "wah" to someone else in the circle by saying "wah" again and pointing with both hands at another circle-member. The recipient throws up his hands like the original wah-holder and says "wah" to catch it. The two people on other side of the wah-receiver put their hands together toward the wah receiver and say "wah" a beat after he receives it. The wah-receiver then sends it to someone else in the circle with a "wah" and a point with both hands together. When someone screws up, they're out! Play till two left. Then you can have a two winners or play a tiebreaker!


2. Bunny Bunny / Pika Pika


Wah with a twist! The rhythm starts with everyone saying "dahnguen dahnguen" (pronounced don-gen) together to get the rhythm. One person starts with the bunny by saying "bunny bunny" and passes it to someone else in the circle by again saying "bunny bunny" toward that person. That person receives it with a "bunny bunny" and passes it to someone else with another "bunny bunny". As that's happening, the people on either side of the bunny are saying "toki toki" (pronounced tookie). The cycle continues until someone messes up and is out. See below for a demonstration and to figure out the arm motions that we've deemed too difficult to explain in text.

Another variation is to say "pika pika" instead of "bunny bunny" and "tonga tonga" instead of "toki toki".





3. Look Down, Look Up


Everyone huddles close in this circle with arms around one another. One chosen facilitator says "look down" and everyone looks at the ground; the facilitator says "look up!" and everyone looks up at a specific person. If that person is looking back, both eye-lockers are out. Keep playing until there are two people left!



4. Zip Bong


Players keep their teeth covered with their lips the whole time! One player starts by saying "zip" to the person to her right. To continue in the same direction, that person says "zip" to the next person to the right. To change the direction, she says "bongggg!" and it passes back to the last zipper. Anyone who messes up or shows her teeth is out!


5. Lap Tag


Partner up! Everyone sits in a circle with one partner on the inside facing the partner on the outer bounds of the circle. The partner on the outside facing into the circle is trying to reach the middle of the circle. The partner who starts on the inside, faced away from the middle of the circle, is trying to prevent that from happening. The facilitator, standing in the middle of the circle, will point to a few of the partners, who will race to touch the facilitator. First one to do it wins!



6. Splat!


Stand arm's length apart with one facilitator in the middle that starts by pointing to one person and saying "splat!". That person ducks and the two on either side draw finger pistols and "bang!" each other. If the person is too slow to get down, that person's out and takes a seat. Otherwise, whoever gets the "bang!" off first stays alive (along with the person who ducked). Bullets don't travel in a circle, so if there are a lot of people in between who are out, aim your finger pistol directly at the person you're dueling with, not in the direction of the person ducking.


7. Big Booty


It's a rhythm game, kept by alternating thigh slaps and claps. Everyone is assigned a number based on where she's standing in the circle. One person is "Big Booty" and the person next to her is #1, then #2, etc. To start, everyone says together "Big booty, Big Booty, Big Booty, awww yeahhh Big Booty!" Then Big Booty starts by first saying their title then passing it to someone else in the circle, so something like "Big Booty, Number 2". In rhythm, #2 would say their title, then pass it to someone else, so maybe "Number 2, Number 5". Play continues until someone messes up the rhythm. Two variations here: 1) the person who screws up goes to the end of the line, and anyone who was behind her shifts to a lower number or 2) that person is out and that number is no longer usable. If it was #5 who messed up and is now out and that number gets called later on, whoever used that number is now out too.


8. Ninja!


Start with a ninja/karate pose. Players take turns clockwise from their original position. On her turn, a player can make one motion, aiming to hit someone else's hand, and that player can make one motion to move out of the way. If a player's hand is slapped, she's out! Remember the starting order and keep that throughout the game, even if it means stretching across some fallen ninjas. Last ninja standing wins!


9. Street Fighter


One player starts by yelling "Hadouken" and sending an invisible orb of energy to the person to her right with her palms open in that direction. That person has a few choices: 1) she can continue in the same direction by yelling "Hadouken" and sending the orb to the next person, 2) she can change direction by stretching an arm over her head pointing back at the person who sent her the orb and yelling "Tiger Uppercut", 3) she can put her palms together over her head and put one foot on the other knee and yell "Yoga Flame" to have the orb skip the next person in line, OR 4) she can yell "Sonic Boom!", with arms out straight, wrists crossed pointing to someone across the circle (must make eye contact)! Upon being sent a Sonic Boom, a player can deflect by holding the forearms up in a shielded position and making the sound of a sword hitting a shield, which sends the orb back to the person who sent the Sonic Boom, or she can continue the game with one of the afore mentioned 4 moves. If someone messes up or stalls, she sits down and is out. Play continues around her. 



10. Mingle


Choose a facilitator and three poses (requiring some combination of 2, 3, or 4 people for each pose). Walk aimlessly around with the other team chanting "mingle, mingle, mingle" until the facilitator calls out a pose. Quickly find other people to do the pose with you. If you have no group or you're the last group to form, the facilitator will call you out! The last two either win, or can play a tiebreaker!  


11. Slackjaw Contest


With music blaring, dance your craziest dance moves with a completely straight face. If you smile, you're out! Personal space does not exist in this game.



12. Zombie Tag


Everyone's in an endzone and person starts as the only zombie. The zombie tries to tag someone, either by throwing the disc or touching someone with the disc. Once the zombie tags someone, that person turns into a zombie as well and helps tag non-zombies until there's no one left. Zombie's can't run with the disc; they have to pass the disc among the zombies.


13. Mini Tanks


Everyone becomes a small military vehicle on elbows and knees, starting from multiple different places or at least the two sidelines. Chanting "mini tanks", everyone charges forward. The goal is to get to the other side by any means necessary. Crawl over, under, or crash into other tanks. Players win if they get to the other side without going belly up!


14. Entourage / Biggest Fan


Everyone finds a partner and plays Rock, Paper, Scissors (otherwise known as ro-sham-bo) with them. The loser of the match-up follows around the winner cheering and rooting for her, becoming her entourage. The winner finds another winner to play with a cheering fan base. When there are only two left, everyone's involved cheering for their candidate.


15. Egg > Chicken > Monster > Rockstar


Similar to Entourage, players match-up for multiple ro-sham-bo battles, but with levels in action. Everyone starts as an egg, curled up and rolling around on the ground. The winning egg gets to squat and make chicken sounds, looking for other chickens to battle. The winning chicken in that match-up becomes a monster, using whatever monster-interpretation she chooses, while the losing chicken devolves into an egg. The winner in a monster-vs-monster match-up becomes a rockstar as she cheers for all others playing, but the loser goes back to being a chicken. Players can only play others at their level! Play until everyone is a rockstar or until you get bored and want to go play more ultimate!


16. Rock rock rock


Another Rock, Paper, Scissors variation! According to redditor /u/Cheesy_Arachnid, "it's exactly what it sounds like, and no one wins or loses, since your only option is rock". Boom!


17. Twenty-one


As a group, count up to 21. Nobody can say anything but a number and no number can be said by more than one person. If more than one person says any number, the count starts over. You'll win together or waste a lot of time together, guaranteed!


18. Cookie Face Race


Props needed: cookies!

Each participant puts a cookie on her forehead and tilts her head backward. She's trying to get the cookie into her mouth by only using her face muscles. Enjoy the taste of victory, skilled face contortionists! 


19. Jug


Props needed: empty gallon jug

This one's more of a sideline game but could be played post-game with the other team too! Toss the jug into the air and mack it around. Players are trying to get a finger either through the handle for one point or through the spout for an automatic win. Play to a certain number of points or until someone makes it through the spout.


Team games

20. Telephone Squeeze


Split everyone up into two teams, and line up parallel to each other, each line holding hands. On a countdown, the first person in each line holds a disc in her free hand, and with everyone's eyes now shut, squeezes the hand of the next person in line. The squeeze travels down the line one after the other, and when it reaches the last person, that person yells "got it!" and sprints down the center of the two lines and lays out for a disc which the first person gently tosses for them. Huzzah!



21. Tanks


Divide into two teams of seven. Six of the seven make two lines facing each other, and link arms with the teammate they find themselves across from, creating a platform. The seventh teammate jumps on top of the platform stomach-down. The two "tanks" face each other, with the player lying down throwing and catching with the player on the other team. For each completed throw and catch, the tanks take a step back. If one team messes up, for a bad throw or incomplete on a good throw, that team loses one of the holders. Continue until one of the throwers can't be held up any longer!


one lucky participant 

22. Yes!


One spirit winner leaves the group and the rest decide on ~3 actions to be performed IN ORDER. The spirit winner comes back and tries to perform the actions, with the only feedback from the group as "yes" when they perform the correct action. It is essentially a game of hot/cold but with only positive feedback.


1-on-1 / tiebreakers

23. Veggie Off


Two people stand back-to-back and take three steps out as someone counts to three. After that someone yells out a vegetable, the two contenders have to act and sound like that vegetable. The crowd decides on a winner.

24. Pokie / Finger Jousting


Opponents face off by standing across from one another and grabbing hands while extending the pointer finger. Each player is trying to poke her opponent with her finger while avoiding getting poked.


25. Booty Boxing


Opponents face off in the middle of a ring. Each person holds her ankles and attempts to knock the other person over. Last one standing wins!




26. Marshmallow Oscars


Props needed: marshmallows!

Two nominees give an Oscars acceptance speech while shoving marshmallows into their respective mouths. The person with the most moving speech, as determined by the crows, and most marshmallows in her mouth wins!



27. Joust/ Knights of the Round Table


One player from each team gets a disc and a water bottle. The player balances the disc on her fingers upside down on one hand while holding the water bottle in the other hand. The players are trying to use their water bottle to dislodge the disc from their opponent's hand (you can only use the hand holding the disc to save the disc).


28. Bear Ninja Cowboy


A gentleman's/ladies' duel! The two facing off stand back to back, count 5 steps, and turn around as quick as they can, impersonating either a Bear, a Ninja, or a Cowboy. The Bear eats the ninja, the Ninja stealthily disarms the cowboy, and the Cowboy shoots the bear.


You could also check the tag of your Five Electro Jersey and use that to determine the winner!



what gamesare we missing?

 Add a Spirit game to the list!


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