What it Takes to be a 2x World Champ Funbassador Team: Advice from Montana Pillowfight

Posted on: on Sep 22, 2017 10:42:21 AM


The following is a guest post by Funbassador reps Shae Wallen and Emma Flynn of Montana Pillowfight. For the last two years, this dynamic duo has lead their team to Funbassador stardom, bringing together teammates and competitors alike one spirit game at a time.


Both Shae and Flynn started playing ultimate in their sophmore year as bright-eyed and bushy tailed rookies to the sport. Now, they are entering their senior year at the University of Montana and already training up their Funbassador successors to defend Pillowfight's title as returning Funbassador World Champions.

For two year's running, we've won the season-long Five Ultimate Funbassador competition. 

Funbassadors are made up of the most spirited college teams - and we won! So when we say we know a thing or two about spirit, you don't have to just take our word on it!

Our championship team is a happy family of weirdos that love ultimate and love having fun with other teams on and off the field. And though winning the Funbassador competition is the crowning glory of our collegiate careers, we've decided that the best way to have more fun with more teams is to let folks in on our spirit secrets.

What are the perks of winning the Funbassador competition? Well, in prizes, we've claimed neon bow-tie pasta Ragers and fungi-themed Hydro pillowcases for our whole team. Pretty cool, right?


Pillowfight Ragers-1.jpg

 Take it aaaalllllll in...


If you're not convinced that being a Funbassador is amazing, check out this post from fellow Director of Outrageous Affairs Montana "Noodles" Roberts from the Claremont Greenshirts.


Convinced now? Good. Apply below and scroll on to discover what it takes to become a 2x World Champ Funbassador Team!



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1. Let The Weirdness Flow Through You

The challenges Five throws at you are wacky, random, and unpredictable. You'll need to source ideas from every corner of your imagination. Pillowfight has done some pretty weird things to win challenges...creating several music videos, baking a J Biebs birthday cake, adorning hundreds of ridiculous costumes, you get the picture.


But if not, here are some pictures :)

 pillowfight_hawaiian spirit game.jpg

Just another day in the life of Pillowfight.


Always make time for the special people (or cats) in your life.

Every year presents new challenges and obstacles for Funbassadors to navigate. To be a Funbassador champion, however, you have to be willing to get weird. Really weird.


And if that means creating personalized collages of the faces of fourteen different Five Ultimate office employees, then so be it.


Lucky for us, we are #blessed to have some pretty weird people on our team. These are the people who consistently come up with the most creative and out-of-the-box ideas that win challenges.


These attributes also feed well into creating new and fun spirit games (like these), punny cheers, and sporadic half-time dance parties with other teams. From our experience, these antics elicit way more smiles and laughter than judgemental sideeyes from our opponents.


Our advice:

  • Celebrate originality and spontaneity on your team!

  • Encourage everyone on your team to participate and throw in ideas. Better yet, figure out a way to combine a bunch of different ideas to lead to the most original idea.

  • Embrace your team's weirdness!


2. Give Every Challenge Your All And Own It


Coming up with a creative idea is only half the battle. The other half is owning it with everything you've got!




All Committing your team's ideas with irrefutable pride and passion is critical to achieving Funbassador challenge success.  


As much as this program preaches fun, it definitely helps to incorporate a little competitive spirit. If we hadn't wanted to win so badly, we wouldn't have - simple as that! In fact, we are so committed to going all out that over the years we've collected more than 9 separate costume boxes filled to the brim with Goodwill gold and other gems. 


A huge perk of the program is getting to meet other Funbassador teams and their Directors. It really fuels the friendly competition among the teams and makes winning a challenge much more satisfying (Shoutout to UNC Electra)! 


Our advice:

  • Go all in on your team ideas - don't hold back!

  • Play to win every challenge.



3. It All Comes Down To Spirit Of The Game


Maybe this seems obvious, but it's important enough to repeat. 


pillowfight_rowdy team pic - copy.jpg


Spirit is something truly unique to the sport of ultimate. It is what has brought many of us into the sport and much of what keeps many of us involved for years and years.


We on Pillowfight all share a passion for not only embodying Spirit of the Game in everything we do, but in sharing that same passion with other teams as well. Although we consider ourselves to be creative and competitive to the max, we also deeply appreciate and applaud the other teams that participate in the Funbassador program with us.


Whenever we have the chance to play with or against other Funbassadors, we see much of our same spirit in their attitudes both on and off the field. 


When the Funbassador specific gear rolls around (AKA the best time of the year), the candidates that are chosen remind us of what it truly means to be a spirited athlete. They remind us that you can be competitive while also showing respect and integrity, and that high-level play can exist symbiotically with wacky antics and fun. 


Our advice:

  • Spirit is always #1.

  • Eat, drink, and breath spirit both on and off the field.

  • Be the player you would want to give spirit swag to.



Like many college ultimate teams, Montana Pillowfight is comprised of players from all backgrounds. We hail from dozens of different states and have teammates that have been playing ultimate from 1 month to 5 years and everywhere inbetween.


And like many other teams, we are bonded by our love and passion for all things ultimate (as beautifully explained here by another Funbassador leader Jimmy Custer of UNC BatCH). 


The Funbassador program has been a huge benefit to our team in so many ways, and we would recommend it to any team that thinks they have what it takes to be the next Funbassador World Champ...but we aren't gonna give up our title without a fight! 


Glory and cool swag await you. Check out the Funbassador page to learn more, or just pull the trigger and apply below!



 Apply To Be A Funbassador Team! 




You think you know a thing or two about spirit and fun? Share some of your favorite strategies for exceptional ultimate spirit below!