What you can do to get better over winter break

Posted on: on Dec 14, 2016 3:44:53 PM



While a two-week couch bender might be tempting, don't forget that spring season is just around the corner! Spring is when competition to get to Natties is in full swing, and the players serious about getting there aren't letting their fall training go to waste over winter break!


Here are some ways you can make the most out of your break and gear up for spring season:



1. Throw

This is the most important thing you can do to keep your game strong.


Find a family member or friend willing to toss the disc around. Throwing for just 20 minutes a day makes a huge difference for your releases and catches!


Try out Kung Fu throwing to get the most out of your throws! That active, focused throwing is what is going to help you improve. It's also a lot harder to catch discs in cold weather, so use this opportunity to practice catching all different types of throws.


2. Look for pick-up in your area

While it might not be at the level you're used to playing at school, playing pick-up is a great way to practice all the ultimate skills you'll need when you're back in school. To get the most out of it, push yourself to work on new techniques or try a position that you've never played before!


Check out sites like USA Ultimate's Where to Play or to find out if there are pick-up games happening in your area. Don't see any available? Try to get one started with your hometown friends!


3. Hit the gym

Find some stairs or a track to keep yourself in prime running shape. Take this time to prep your body for explosive movements on the field. Check out this Ultiworld article featuring specific gym workouts from Tim Morrill.


If you don't have access to a gym over winter break, there's lots you can do in your backyard or neighborhood park. For instance, try out the Snertz workout! It's ambitious, but it'll get you game-ready after just a few sessions.


Or if it's really miserable out, add 10 push-ups per hour to your daily routine. During club season, we have lots of folks in the Five office that take part in this workout routine. It doesn't take too long, and actually does a lot to make you stronger!


4. Study game footage and strategy

If your team hasn't been taping, have no fear. There's loads of footage out there with hella analysis. Identify some growth areas you have, take out a pen and paper, and watch top players in similar positions to see how they play. Note key takeaways for you to work on next time you hit the field.


If you did find a group to pick-up with, that's a great opportunity to put what you observed into action!


5. Encourage your teammates to keep training too!

There are many reasons why you should keep an active thread going with your team, friendship withdrawals probably being the main one. Post your workouts and hold others accountable for their winter workouts. It's a team sport, and you'll need everyone in their prime.


Some teams assign buddies to keep track of each other over break or keep track of total throws in a team Gdoc. If you're a captain wondering what you can do to keep your players motivated over winter break, consider offering a prize for the person who threw on the most days!


6. Have fun with other winter activities!

While doing lots of ultimate-specific training will be the most beneficial to your game come spring, it's totally fine to want to take a break from ultimate. Skiing, sledding, playing in the snow, or busting out your old DDR mat (just me?) are all super fun activities that can help you stay in shape.


over to you!


Have you got any tips for people to stay active over winter break? Let us know in the comments!