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Introducing The Down To Get Down Boxer Briefs

Posted on: on Jul 7, 2017 3:16:47 PM

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Life is full of opportunities for spontaneous fun, and here at Five, we wanted to design a product that allowed ultimate players to seize those opportunities whenever they reared their beautiful heads.


That’s why we created the Down To Get Down Boxer Briefs.


This high-powered underwear is made of the same premium Electro fabric as our jerseys, so they wick moisture, suppress odor, and dry quickly. They're meant to be the perfect everyday underwear for ultimate dudes who need to seize a fun opportunity at the drop of a hat. 


Get your first pair of boxer briefs for just $10!


Whether it’s an impromptu invite to your friend’s lake house, a spontaneous hike, or a last-minute game of mini, if you're wearing the Down To Get Down Boxer Briefs, you'll experience outstanding comfort and support in all the right places.


Why are they so awesome, you ask?

Let us count the ways:


1. You won't need to think twice about jumping the in pool/lake/hot tub. 

They dry quicker than you can say, "How bout a Fresca?" and it's always a conversation starter when you rip your clothes off in a single motion, while flying through the air with a grin on your face and fire in your belly. Trust us.


2. You can join a pickup game of b-ball or ultimate without fearing for your twig and berries*. 

Our not-patented junkbox* can keep your boys happy during casual exercise.

Be warned though: these are underwear,the stuff you wear everyday to work and to class. They not compression shorts, so they won't protect your flying jib* during competitive ultimate games.


3. You can strip off your costume at the party and be 100% certain that you'll be looking good on the dance floor.

Plus they don't have a fly, so you don't need to worry about a prairie dog* situation ruining your night.


*Those are technical terms, people.


What’s that, boy?

These look Alot like the Electro Boxer Briefs that have been in the Five store for at least a year?


Damn, you’re smarter than you look, and you look like a regular Tom Edison. Well, the fact is, you’re exactly right. These boxer briefs are the same product as our Electro Boxer Briefs.


Can we get real with you, for a second? Good. 


We designed and launched the Electro Boxer Briefs about two years back, and when they launched we thought we’d hit on the Next Big Thing in ultimate.


The dudes who work here at Five freaking LOVE this underwear. I am literally wearing them as I sit here typing this post. 


But the Electro Boxer Briefs never really took off. Anyone who tried them on thought they were the bees’ knees, the cat’s tats, Beau Kittredge’s Boppin' Fittredges -- but they never managed to become a thing in the ultimate community.


You may have noticed that we’re clearing out a bunch of old inventory from our Garage. Well, since we’re being real: these boxer briefs were almost on that chopping block. They almost went away forever, but the dudes here at Five didn’t want to see this awesome underwear disappear. 


Maybe you think we were being selfish. Everyone who works for Five gets as much free Five gear as they want, after all. I bet you’re thinking that we didn’t want to have to go back to buying underwear like the rest of you schmucks. 


How dare you assume-


…Okay, fine, that was obviously part of it. But we also really, truly, deeply believe that this is the underwear for ultimate guys who need to be down for anything.


We think this is the best underwear for ultimate dudes

And to prove it, we're going to make you an offer you can't refuse!


An Exclusive, Turbo-Charged* Five Guarantee

We believe in the Down To Get Down Boxer Briefs so much, that if you don’t love them, we will refund your money and you can keep the underwear! #SoTG #trust 



Simply use code IMDOWN when you check out in the store.


Go get $10 Boxer Briefs!