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Independence Day Protest Gear

Posted on: on Jun 16, 2017 6:11:10 PM


During the sweet, sweet Obama years, the ultimate community embraced an ironic brand of ultra-patriotism.


We dressed up in clothes made from US flags, put on mullet wigs, and screamed ‘MERICA!, and we thought it was a grand old time. Five even joined in the fun with the Wings of Glory sublimated shorts and boxer briefs.


But in 2017, the whole ‘Merica vibe isn’t sitting right with us here at Five. Joking that the United States is the greatest country in the world lost its luster the day we elected a misogynist, racist Cheeto to be our president.


So for Independence Day 2017, we decided not to double down on the ironic patriotism of the past eight years, and instead chose to design a modest line of protest gear.


We’ve got no delusions about the impact that this group of products will have on the future of our country, but we also weren’t comfortable remaining passive while the current administration impugns the rights of women, minorities and undocumented workers.


We’re new to the idea of actively fighting for our civil rights, and we present these designs humbly, as fellow ultimate players who won’t remain silent.


Here are some pieces from the new line:



Huck Hate.png

The Huck Hate Straight Up Sports Bra



Future Is Female.png

The Future Is Female Gunshow Tank



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