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Introducing the All-New Electro Jersey

Posted on: on Feb 9, 2017 10:14:29 AM

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If you can believe it, our old jersey cut hadn't had a siginficant update in 6 years! Sure, we made small updates as we discovered aspects that needed improvement, but like a 2011 car model, it was time for a full redesign.


Our old short sleeve jerseys still get the job done through game 8 at a tourney; however, like all of the best ultimate teams, the Five Team doesn't get complacent. We wanted a more streamlined athetic cut to our jerseys: one that's able to help the sport grow as ultimate becomes more and more competitive.


What's so new about it?


We're glad you asked! Here are the main features of our new jersey design:


Same Great fabric, New Athletic Fit

You remember Electro fabric, right? 


It's the moisture wicking, BO stamping, smoother-than-Jay-Z-on-a-slip-n-slide fabric that you can't wait to get next to your skin. We haven't changed Electro in the slightest.


What we have done is create some subtle, yet significant, changes to the cut.


electro 2.0 detail triptych.jpg


Shorter sleeves help you show off them guns.

Tapered arms provide you with a better fit and give you better range of motion. We spent months working to get the arms just right. We've adjusted the angle of the arm sleeves and shortened the length to make reaching up to sky opponents as pleasant as reaching your arm through a herd of bunnies.


A curved hem for a cleaner look.

A curved back hem adds an athletic shape to the jersey. Look good, play good, right? Having less fabric on the sides also makes sense for when you're doing high knees or getting your leg up for a huge footblock.


The collar is shorter and flatter to give you a sleeker, more professional silhouette.

Yeah, we care about your silhouette, bruh. When you're paging through the many, many photos of yourself skying fools on Ultiphotos, you're going to want a jersey with a flat collar that doesn't make you look like a tweaky, gangly, teenager who threw on his dad's old shirt from the 80's.



Stronger, More Comfortable Stitching

If you've ever worn a shirt that gets more itchy and uncomfortable the longer you wear it, chances are you're wearing a shirt with overlock seams.


Vocab alert! An overlock seam is the most common type of stitch used to sew two pieces of fabric together. There are many variations, but you'll see the cheapest version of this seam on everything from cheap cotton t-shirts, to, well, our old Electro jersey. It's widely used mostly because it's a very fast way to sew, but it's not very strong and it can get uncomfortable if worn close to the skin for a long period of time.


A flatlock seam, on the other hand, is a slower, more labor-intensive stitch that is stronger than an overlock, and lays flatter, which means it's less likely to irritate your skin when you wear it for say, multiple days in the heat and the rain.


The flatlock also allows us to do contrast stitching, which gives us a little bit of extra flair! Here's a peek at how you can use contrast stitching to create a highly customized jersey for your team:


electro 2.0 upper chest close up.jpg



SO, How Will You Know The New Electro when you see it?

Aside from the general increase in baller-ness of anyone wearing this new cut, you'll spot a new Five patch! 


Recognizing Five jerseys from across the field has been reasonably easy in the past, with the coffee mug-sized Five patch as a calling card. In our effort to make the best performance jersey in ultimate, we opted for a more subtle and streamlined look, which meant that the Five patch got an upgrade as well.


The new smaller Five patch reflects the sleeker more professional look that we're encouraging for ultimate players. And we're thrilled to include it on our new jerseys!



My team was thinking of getting reprints this year, can we mix the new cut of Electro with the old cut, and not get in trouble with USA Ultimate?

Yes, you can mix the old cut with the new cut and still comply with USA Ultimate's College Uniform Requirements. We asked for permission specifically, and Tom Manewitz, the Manager of College Competition and Athlete Programs, gave us the a-ok.


Teams are great and all, but can I order one for just myself?

Absolutely! They're up in our online store, which you'll find here.


Can I see a sizing chart that compares the old cut to the new cut? 

Sure! Here's a page with sizing information that you can pass around.


What if I want to try these puppies on before I order for my whole team?

Ah, you're thorough aren't you? We like that in a captain. We can send you a full range of sizes of the new cut! All you have to do is click the button below!


Request a sampler!






After 5 months of researching, designing, iterating, reiterating, and testing, we're proud to release to you the new Five Ultimate Electro Jersey. It's got the flare to compell onlookers to immediately scour the internet for ultimate highlight reels, and the durability to last approximately 642 dance parties*.

*Record waiting to be broken.

Start an order right now!





Do you have any questions or concerns that we forgot to address? If you've already tried our new Electro Jersey cut we'd love to hear what you think in the comments below!

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