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Posted on: on Aug 23, 2019 8:47:00 AM

Ultimate shorts WITH POCKETS!




We're introducing our new line of ultimate shorts - Neptune Shorts.


Made from a new Neptune fabric that has an athletic feel with stretch and flexibility, these shorts are soft, high-performance, durable, breathable, stylish and functional.


Whether you're bouncing between fields, lifting with your teammates during the off-season, or busting moves on the dance floor, these shorts are there for you. With an athletic cut and soft comfortable feel, these will be the shorts you'll want to eat, sleep, play and dance your booty off in.


Our new Neptune Shorts balance comfort with performance to ensure you never sacrifice style or skills on or off the field again. Featuring full-sized pockets, breathable soft and stretchy Neptune fabric, all configured into an athletic cut, these will be part of your favorite new warm-up gear, superstitious universe point shorts, and post tourney comfort swag. 


Check 'em out for yourself and grab a pair for your whole squad today!


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