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Introducing Five's Garage

Posted on: on Jun 22, 2017 1:10:11 PM


5u garage banner

Like many start ups, Five Ultimate began in a garage.

For the first couple years, the five Titcomb siblings, and a few other brave souls, fulfilled custom team orders and planned tournament mayhem alongside discarded toys and the family station wagon.

Well, Five has grown a lot since 2006, but one thing hasn't changed: we still accumulate stuff as if we were back in that garage.And now we've decided that it's time for some good old fashioned spring cleaning.


Today we're officially launching a new store section called the Garage!

Five's Garage is a last chance, supah-dupah sale section, where we'll plop weird, wacky, fun gear that needs to get out from under our feet, and into your loving arms.

Go check out the Garage right now, and you'll find some sweet sublimated hydro shorts, Friction 2.0 gloves, and a bunch of other randomosity waiting to be snapped up. But if you check in a couple days, those things could all be gone, never to return.


Thems the breaks, kid. 

What's the catch? Everything that appears in the Garage is final sale, which means it's not covered by our super stellar Five Guarantee. You wouldn't think of returning or exchanging something from a garage sale right? Same idea here.


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