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Let's talk women's sizing

Posted on: on Mar 8, 2018 12:12:23 PM



The women at Five feel very strongly about our women's sizing, and maybe if you're reading this, you do too. For the remainder of the post, when I say "we", I'm specifically talking about the women at Five because we are leading a charge, internally and externally, to evaluate and expand on Five's current women's size spread.


Here at Five, we think of ourselves as trendsetters in ultimate fashion.


Our mission is (quite literally) to design products that define what an ultimate player looks like, and when your team chooses to order Five Ultimate gear, we want you to feel confident in your sizing choice and in the gear you rock on and off the field.


We've experienced and had many conversations with other women and non-binary folks in ultimate about the limitations of our current size spread that shakes that confidence. There's a disconnect here, and we want to try to fix it.


We've got a lot of sizing updates coming in 2018 (learn more about that here!), but product development can take a long time. We want to help folks feel confident in their Five sizing here and now.


In this post, we aim to help you select the right size of products we currently offer, and to ask for your input in updating our sizing to fit more body types than our current spread.


sizing advice

We've got dimensions to every product listed on our sizing chart, but you might not have a tape measure handy or have trouble translating dimensions into a vision of how the item will actually fit.


We know how hard it is to find the right size in any item when shopping online. We agreed that what really helps us is seeing someone that looks like us share their experience and their advice. So we got together and volunteered to share our dimensions and sizing preferences to help our customers shop better in our product catalog.


Click on the Fiver below that most closely matches your dimensions to see the sizes she prefers to wear and her feedback about how Five gear fits.


Don't see your body type here? Help us make this list more complete! If you're interested in sharing your sizing preferences to help others' shop for Five gear, please fill out this 15-minute anonymous survey!







Other WaYs To Be A Part Of the Conversation


Reviewing products in our store will help other customers shop better and give us feedback for new and improved products. Carolina runs our store, and she reads every product review herself.


Join our brand new email list to give feedback on current products and have your voice heard. You'll also get updates on how we plan to improve our current line of women's products, and the new products we have in development.


If women's sizing is important to you, we need to hear from you!


Sign up for our women's sizing email list!


over to you!

Is this an important issue for you - why or why not? Other thoughts on our product line? Let us know in the comments below!