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Posted on: on Oct 10, 2019 11:01:46 AM


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Why is spot sublimation so popular?

If you're looking for more design flexibility than screenprint but also less of the pocket purge that is full sub, you're looking for spot sublimation.


Spot sublimation is a great way to get jerseys quickly with a short 4 week turn around time, a set price no matter the number of colors in a design, and the ability to print gradients, custom number fonts, drop shadows, and more. Spot sublimation uses a heat press to print your design on the fabric which helps in keeping the jersey light and breathable no matter how large and colorful your design is.


And with the bonus of our free artwork assistance, you can rest easy knowing your jersey is designed by our seasoned vet, Karl. Get started with the button below: 


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Now, in no particular order, check out our favorite spot sublimated jerseys from this fall.




Butte Squad White Jersey MOCK UP-01


Printing numbers inside a design can get tricky sometimes but with spot sublimation it's a lot easier! By choosing to spot sub this jersey Butte Squad was able print custom numbers into each players waffle. Yeah, you read that right. Into each players waffle.  





Classy JR White-01


Once again San Fran Classy makes our list of top 5 favorites! These jerseys show off the abilities of spot sublimation at their prime. By electing to print these jerseys with a custom fill-pattern inside the text rather than a patterned full sub design, the team was able to save some funds while still walking away with a one of a kind jersey. 





Party Cats Spot Sub-01


The Party Cats utilized the spot sub process with this one. Vibrant colors, lots of gradients, drop shadows, and a custom number font! The Party Cats were able to get a custom printed jersey that embraced all nine of their lives.





Frute Squad LS White-01


Don't mess with this squad. If you're feeling fruity and interested in printing multiple colors on your gear, ask us about spot sublimation.







Lastly, your beautiful face. Want to surprise your buds with an amazing one-of-a-king jersey? Get your face, their face, or each other printed on a jersey.



Still curious about spot sublimation?

Check out how spot sublimation works here


Want to get your new spot sub design started?

Let's design something sweet for my team!


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