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Ultimate Travelers - The 2017 Fall Collection

Posted on: on Sep 8, 2017 12:38:55 PM



Remember that first tournament of your senior year of college? The feeling that this is your year, this is your team and you’re so pumped get the season underway.


Picture it: you're on the road in a 12-passenger van, you spent all day Friday driving to this tournament, bonding with your team, and now you’re up before the sun to give them enough time for a full warm up before round one.


As you’re driving, the sun begins to rise, painting the sky a muted pink, chasing away the navy of the night, eventually it gives way to a clear blue morning. Through canopies of orange, dark maroons, and splashes of lingering greens, you find your way to the field site and unload. Stepping onto the field, your feet make tracks through the fresh dew.


The anticipation of the entire season ahead fills you.


As you look around at your squad, you can see the same glint of excitement in each of their eyes.  The rookies are finally starting to understand the game, piecing together some throws and executing plays. Veterans are ready to step into their role as mentors, ramp up the competition, but maintain an air of lightness. After all it’s the pre-season, and you're here to play hard, but most of all have fun.




The 2017 Fall Collection is inspired by the journey to that Seminal tournament.

Whether you’re experiencing those days now, or you’ve moved on from the college scene, and are reminiscing with us (UCF class of 2014 represent!), we’re here to talk about how amazing being cramped in a van with 10 of your closest friends for an entire day can be.




I’m talking playing MASH, Marry-Bury-Screw, and Never Have I Ever, screaming out when you see a billboard that has a word starting with an X or Z, eating food you probably shouldn’t be eating before a tournament having the entire van jamming to Party in the USA, and passing out while using each other as pillows.


It’s a rite of passage that every ultimate player in the US has experienced, and while many of us have no desire to go back to those stinky van days, we still hold those trips in memories because they were some of the most formative of ultimate career.


So, without further ado, Five Ultimate is proud to present the Ultimate Travelers Collection.


Five Ultimate Fall Collection 2017 Five Ultimate Fall Collection 2017



We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank the exceptionally talented Tino Tran for his phenomenal photography on this shoot, Alex Axworthy for his vivifying videography, and all of our marvelous models for having a great time and making our gear look good.