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Behind the Design: Early Sketches of the US World Games Team Gear

Posted on: on Apr 16, 2017 8:21:00 AM

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We've been the official apparel sponsors for the US National Team for the past eight years, and it's one of our favorite ways to advance the sport of ultimate.


We've often used the scale of world ultimate events as a platform for launching new and exciting products developed for ultimate players, by ultimate players. But we've never had the opportunity to show how we actually went about designing the kit.


Now, for the first time, we are extremely excited to give you a behind-the-scenes look into how we designed the US National Team gear! All sketches and art files are the work of Herisson Redi, who is our designer extraordinaire / mustachioed Brazillian man crush.



2017-USNT-KIT-first-thoughts_initial drafts.jpg

 We asked for a shield logo inspired by this photo from the 1932 Olympic Diving Team.

These are Redi's very first sketches! 


Round two. Getting these initial ideas cleaned up!


At this point we'd settled on the shield we liked. Redi refined it further, and added some extra text, "United We Stand," that didn't end up making the final edit.




Once we were happy with the sketches of the shield, Redi uploaded to Adobe Illustrator, and began refining it on the computer. This pic also includes Redi's idea for how it would look on a jersey.



The final shield logo for the 2017 World Games Kit! Pretty cool right? USNT-17_sketches_gear.jpgHere's an early concept of the full kit. The sublimated jerseys were inspired by a bunch of different things, but were influenced in part by Nike track uniforms, and the Turkish women's basketball jerseys from the 2016 Olympics! 





want to see how it all turned out?

We're super proud of the entire World Games kit that the US National Team will be repping! You can peep the mock-ups here on our Products Blog. You can also pre-order a smattering of the World Games gear in our online store. Check it out.


And be sure to watch the US National Team at the World Games in Poland this summer!