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Why Electro Fabric Is The Greatest

Posted on: on Dec 19, 2017 3:30:12 PM




People often ask us what makes a jersey an "ultimate jersey". The answer is a whole lot.


Ultimate jerseys are forced to go through a lot of wear and tear in a single tournament. They have to be durable enough to withstand repeated layouts, while also staying comfortable on your body for 8+ hours of competitive play. And they need to last for at least one season of competitive play. Sometimes many seasons.


That's a tall order. Compare that to pro sports uniforms, which are worn for a single game, and often tear in the course of just that one match.


That's just how jerseys have to function to be used for ultimate, but what the form they take? No self-respecting ultimate player wants to wear an ugly jersey, no matter how comfortable or durable it is.


We at Five take pride in our role as trendsetters and product innovators in ultimate apparel, and we always have ultimate players' needs top of mind in that process. As a company of ultimate players working for ultimate players, we make gear that we want to wear.


It's as simple as that.



So, What is Electro?

Electro is our proprietary jersey fabric, and it's the perfect fabric for ultimate players. Full stop.


Every batch of Electro is custom-made. It's produced exclusively for us, and to be completely frank, it's a pain in the ass to make jerseys with fabric that you have to custom-order.


So why do we do it this way?


Because Electro is durable, comfortable, and smoother than Jay-Z on a Slip 'N Slide. It wicks sweat, and fights odor, and feels nice against your skin even when you've played four games already and your legs are seizing up, Electro still feels silky-smooth.


That's why we've been using Electro for the last 7 years: it checks all the boxes, and it looks damn good doing it.


Want to geek out with our CEO for a second? Here's what Vehro has to say about Electro:


There are two distinct characteristics set Electro apart from the competition. First, the cross-sectional shape of the fibers used in the fabric exhibit endemic moisture-management properties. Second, we apply an anti-microbial treatment to the frabic that fends off odors.


Sooo basically it keeps you dry and stink free. Cool right?



How Electro Came to Be

When a mommy jersey and a daddy jersey love each other very m--


Wait, that can't be right.


Oh yeah, here we go: it took us five whole years to find our dream jersey fabric. Let's take a journey through time to learn about the fabrics that came before:


Did you notice an electronic music trend in the jersey fabric names? The five Titcomb siblings love electronic music. Like they really looooooooove it. We're actually pretty tired of hearing electronic music. We'd take just about anything at this point. Like we'd listen to a group of 5th graders learning to play the recorder if we could just stop hearing the unst-unst-unst.

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