Lei Out 2017 Tournament Recap

Posted on: on Jun 21, 2017 1:20:34 PM

Santa Monica, CA




We, like many other northern-based ultimate folks, like to escape to SoCal during the winter for some warm beach ultimate and some sweet Cali sunshine.


Usually those not in attendence spend the weekend sadly scrolling through tweets from their cross-country friends frolicking in the sand, while they bundle in layers and shop for yet another pair of Friction Gloves to protect their frozen disc-catching hands.


But this year those Lei Out hold-outs got the last laugh, delighting in schadenfreude, as we winter beach bums got skunked on Sunday with a terrential downpour.


But let's be real. Many of us had to throw down hard plastic and interact with uptight muggles at airports to get there. Do you really think a little rain is enough to stop us from doing the beach ultimate?


Well maybe it did for a lot of the afternoon as hundreds of ultimate weirdos flocked to bowling alleys and indoor mini golf. But in the morning - maybe half or so of us ultimated!


And a little rain surely isn't enough to stop Nathan Kolakovic from getting his sweet ultimate footage and creating a masterful video of epicness and inspired giggles.


Thanks NKolakovic, for helping us to remember that Lei Out is still and always awesome, even with a bit of downpour.


Learn more about Lei Out here.  



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