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This page will lay out (pun!) everything you need to know about getting a college sponsorship for your team, including how and when to apply!


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Funbassador teams represent everything that is special about ultimate as a sport. Applicants must be committed to both Spirited play and complete ridiculosity on and off the field.


The best Funbassador teams are outgoing and friendly toward other teams in-person and on social media. They want to get to know their opponents through silly games, Saturday night tournament parties, and neverending games of what-are-the-odds.


In addition to a generous discount on team gear and a pro deal in the Five store, Funbassador teams get to give away free Five gear to MVPs/Spirit winners on the teams they play! Sounds like a hard, demanding, thankless job, right? WRONG. Everyone loves playing a Funbassador team, because they're most fun teams to play.


Are you a Spirit Master? Click the button below to learn more and apply!


Apply to be a Funbassador team! 







competitive college sponsorship

Competitive sponsored teams are the darkhorses. They're teams that might just have a chance to snag a bid to Nationals this year. 


If your team plays with excellent Spirit, and consistently finishes in the top half of Regionals, then this is the sponsorshipship for you. Competitive sponsored teams receive a healthy discount on their custom team gear and a pro deal in the Five store!


We're betting on this group to break some hearts at Regionals, and maybe, just maybe, make it to the big show. Sound like your team? We're accepting applications through October 15.


Apply to be a Five Ultimate Competitive Sponsored team!









Elite sponsored teams represent the very best college ultimate programs in the country. If you're captain of a team that will make the College Championships, and has a reasonable shot at qualifying for the semi-finals or higher, then this is the sponsorship for you.


Applications for our Elite College Sponsorship program are now closed.


Check back soon to see who the winners are!






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