The story of

It all started in Seattle

with five young siblings who loved to play ultimate:

Zahlen, Xtehn, Vehro, Rohre, and Qxhna.

As ZXVRQ played ultimate around the world, from Italy to the Philippines, they noticed a void in the ultimate world.

Where was the company that made quality gear AND supported the growth of the sport?

started as
an idea jotted
on a napkin in a
college dorm

The vision was a company that would build ultimate...make it better...and help players look fly, too.

In 2006 Five Ultimate was incorporated. Though it was fun, it was far from easy.

The youngest sibling was still in middle school, and Five was working out of a garage, learning about customer service, production, marketing, PR, sales and inventory management, ALL AT ONCE.

Oh, and P.S. the iconic Fuzzy Hats were born.

And then, all of a sudden, somehow, something changed, and everyone was wearing Five gear—not just the siblings' friends!

TROUBLE IN VEGAS was the first big tournament Five sponsored, and it set a certain tone: ultra-fly sublimated gear, player's lounges with couches, games, and prize gold shorts.

The siblings were building a culture:

Play hard.
Have fun.

The company was working to engage teams and individuals with the aim of leaving an impression on every player wearing Five gear.

It was clear that Five had become a centerpiece in the ultimate community.

People knew the mission, the attitude, and that when Five was around, you could count on a good time.

In 2008, Five became the official sponsor of Team USA. Since then, we've helped athletes achieve more medals than we can count on our fingers and toes. Who's keeping track though, right?

In the following year, Five teamed up with Ultimate Peace, and helped bring non-conflict resolution training through ultimate to Palestinian and Israeli youth across the Middle East.

Five demonstrated time and again dedication to the company mission of supporting the sport of ultimate across the world, from India to South America, from Russia to South Africa, and everywhere in between.

Throughout the ages Five hasn’t only cared about ultimate, Five has demonstrated continued commitment to the planet, too! In 2008, ZXVRQ founded a sister clothing company, Five Bamboo to help reduce the environmental impact of the clothing industry.

Since working out of a garage in 2006, Five has moved three times. We're now in a sweet warehouse in downtown Seattle, and have an awesome crew of 15 full time employees.

The office is run 100% on wind power, filled with recycled furniture, and even houses a compost bin full of worms.

A commitment to ultimate players and the very grass we layout on has and always will be at the core of what Five is all about.

Ultimate is changing, but our mission to serve the sport remains the same.

As the sport evolves, Five's mission to serve the sport is unwavering. For every 10 jerseys that leave our warehouse, we donate 1 to support the growth of the sport around the world. Forget about 1% for the planet, Five is all about 10% for Ultimate. We're out to make life better for Ultimate players. Seriously, what are you waiting for?! Join us!