Spirit of the game

We're on the ground in China.
Zahlen, the oldest of the Five Ultimate sibling-founders, lived in Beijing and managed our supply chain from 2005 to 2010. His intimate knowledge of Chinese business culture helped us ensure that all of the people and organizations that we work with are committed to socially responsible business practices. We now employ two full time employees in Beijing who carry on this legacy. 

On the ground in China

We <3 Strong Values.

All of our Chinese vendors have been handpicked based on their reputation for honesty, integrity, and high-quality work.


We Put Family First.
Our cut-and-sew facility, which manufactures the vast majority of our gear, is owned by a mother/father team who've been in the clothing industry for decades. Their son manages the production lines, and their daughter and her husband do marketing and sales.

Cut and Sew

We Dye Responsibly.
Many of the dyes used to color synthetic materials in the apparel industry are inherently harmful to the environment. We use only certified non-pollutant dyes, so you can enjoy a guilt-free garment!

We Dye Responsibly

We Pay Fair.
We insist on paying a generous premium for labor in China. Each year during the Chinese Spring Festival holiday, we give unsolicited bonuses to the employees of our partner organizations.

We Pay Fair

We Upcycle Scraps.
The extra fabric that results from cutting and stitching our gear is used to make headbands, armsleeves, wristbands, and other small items. This provides us with items to donate to teams, clinics, and tournaments, and keeps waste out of landfills!

We Upcycle
  • Gear Maestros
  • Miao Lija And Zahlen
  • Zhang Da Jie
  • Sun Jia Yi de Mama
  • Dana Fong
  • Lao Deng
  • Sun Shifu
  • Justin Chan
  • Yan Pianr de
  • Zhangwen
  • Sun Jiayi
  • Rohre
  • Da Huang
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