Our mission

 Our mission is to serve ultimate. As the sport evolves, we strive to reinforce the attributes that make it unique: Spirit of the Game, athletic excellence, and a sense of community. From the rookie to the old timer, from the casual to the competitive, from the end zone to the dance floor, we make life better for ultimate players. To this end, we build high-quality products that define the ultimate aesthetic. 



OUR Vision

We envision a future where mixed-gender, self-officiated ultimate is in the olympics.


To realize this vision, we need to actively spread ultimate the way it should be played: with SotG, and without referees or closed-minded opinions about gender, race, or sexual orientation. When an Olympic gold-medal match goes to double-game-point, ultimate‚Äôs honesty, integrity, and community need to be woven in the core identities of not just the 14 players on the field, but the thousands watching in the stands and the millions watching at home.


We believe that we can grow the sport without sacrificing the values that made it great, but we need your help.


Join us.

Because ultimate is good for the world.






Our Core Values

Coming soon.



We're always looking for talented people to help us on our mission. If you like the cut of our jib, come join us!