Our mission is to serve ultimate. As the sport evolves, we strive to reinforce the attributes that make it unique: Spirit of the Game, athletic excellence, and a sense of community. From the rookie to the old timer, from the casual to the competitive, from the end zone to the dance floor, we make life better for ultimate players. To this end, we build high-quality products that define the ultimate aesthetic. 


Meet our team

Chris front

Chris Kanemori

Inventory & Supply Chain, 

#Kanemori2028, UPA Lifetime Member


Carolina Gonzalez-Llanos

Director of Ecommerce, "Human Resources",

Frequent Contributor to the Florida Man Twitter


Bryan Evans (Pino)

Special Printer,

Classic Five Ultimate Bamboozler


Karl Frazier

Giraff-ic Designer, A-Phish-ionado,

Secret T-Swift Fan


Denny Porter

Warehouse Manager,

He's On YOUR Side


Jonny Stacey

Printing Lead, Voted "Best Beard at Five"

Six Years Running, Most Frequent Birthday

Three Stooges - Claire2-2

Claire Kimball

Account Manager, Youngest Five Employee EVER

(including when Qxhna was 13)

Three Stooges - Elliot2

Elliot Putman

Manager of Production,

"I.T.", Champion of Odds

Three Stooges - Kostic-1

Amanda Kostic

Account Manager,

Fashionista, Trendsetter, Intern


Chris Soverel

Finance Guru, All-Around Badass



Mariana Berezansky

Accountant to the Stars 



Svetlana Telnova

Bookkeeper to the Galaxies



Kyle Ord

Head of Custom Team, OOOOH SUNSHINE!


Daren Ruiz

Printing Specialist, Photographer, Not A Doctor


Erin as Wade.jpg

Erin Williams

Printing Consultant, Maker of Harps


Ryan - recropped

Ryan Strong

Account Manager,

Most Likely to Misplace Spherical Objects



Maria Shkulipa

Sovereign Monarch of Beijing Production






We're always looking for talented people to help us on our mission. If you like the cut of our jib, come join us!