On A Mission to promote the unique culture of ultimate.

The best Funbassador teams take it upon themselves to live the ultimate lifestyle. They have an open and welcoming team culture and balance high-level play with a sincere interest in Spirit, fun, and ridiculosity.


Funbassador teams start the dance party. They introduce themselves to you on the field during a stoppage and compliment you when you get a D. Their team twitters are a hodgepodge of crazy, awesome, over-the-top pics of ultimate shenanigans and unadulterated heckling, and you can't help but love to watch the spectacle.


And on top of all that, Funbassador teams always have that sweet, sweet Five swag to give away to their most spirited opponents. It's no wonder teams celebrate when they see a Funbassador team in their bracket at a tournament!


Check out an insider's perspective about what the Funbassador program is all about!


Applications are closed for this year and will open back up in August 2017.


*At this time, the Funbassador sponsorship is only available for US college teams.

5 funbassador Benefits:


1. swaaaag

We'll send you a Box o' Five swag before each of your tournaments. You simply bring the gear to the event, give it away to the teams you play, and enjoy the instant fame it provides. On special occasions you'll have the chance to bestow limited edition, Funbassador-only gear that no one else has a chance to own.


2. challenges

You'll participate in challenges, earn points, and compete against (and sometimes with) the other Funbassadors for the title of most fun college team of the entire year! The grand prize for winning is essentially the most ridiculous team outfit that we can come up with. Last year it was Ragers patterned with neon bowtie pasta. We don't mess around.


3. invite to da CLERB

You nominate two of your players as Directors of Outrageous Affairs, and these lucky rays of sunshine get access to the high-class, VIP Funbassador GroupMe. This is the place where all of the unadulterated doings of the Funbassador teams gets shared. The GroupMe is a medley of good-natured heckling, one-upmanship, team culture strategies, and spontaneous side challenges that are often too risque to be shared with the wider world. It's an awesome place to be. 


4. status

We love sharing the Funbassadors' antics on social media, and the more awesome stuff you do, the more it gets shared, and more other teams begin to know and recognize you as a program that is not to be trifled truffled with.


5. discount & free stuff

If all that ain't good enough, you also get a 20% discount on your team gear, a free Funbassador logo on your jerseys, and special edition flags to fly at every tournament. And that's just the stuff we're willing to tell you about right now.

thanks to all funbassador applicants!



We're stoked at the number and quality of teams that applied! This is going to be the best Funbassador season yet!


 Come back and apply in August if you're interested in joining the program!