HOsting a Tournament?

We offer two options for Tournament Directors. Read on to see which type of event is right for you.


Want Five to come to your event and run a merch booth? Well if you're hosting an event with more than 40 teams, hit us up!


We believe that tournament merch is about more than just selling products. It’s about interacting with players, growing ultimate, and having fun.


What you get:

  • Commission on all sales, with a gauranteed payment that you can count on.
  • Free tournament logo, and a bunch of baller gear for sale at your event. We'll create the art for you, so all you have to do is approve it!

  • Not just a store, but a comfortable player lounge designed to foster community between players and across teams.


We've merchandised hundreds of events around the world, and we've learned that the best thing we can do is take the pressure off the Tournament Director. Our primary objective is to make life as easy possible for you, because you've got enough work on your hands as it is!


Get started now!


For smaller tournaments, and TDs looking for a more self-sufficient merchandise experience, a Five Ultimate Satellite sponsorship is just the right fit!


We’ll hook you up with some sweet custom tournament merchandise for your event that you can sell on your own.


What you get:

  • Deeply discounted, high-quality Five gear that you can sell for a good margin.

  • Unlimited free art assistance, so you can make your vision for a tournament logo a reality without compromising margin.

  • Personal, highly responsive service from our custom order team.

Whether you're just starting out with a new event, or you're revamping an old classic, the Five Satellite tournament will add some panache to Tournament Central, and earn you some cash in the process!


Sound like your jam?


Holler back, y'all!