did someone say new jersey cut?!


As ultimate grows, the sport is becoming more and more competitive. Players are working hard to up their game from the gym, to the kitchen, to the field. As the main drivers of the ultimate aesthetic, we fully embrace our responsibility to produce gear that will help ultimate players get to where they want to be. Whether that's trying out for Worlds or playing hammer-only points in league, we want to make sure you're in the best gear to get it done in style and comfort.


With all that in mind, we're super excited to tell you about our updated short sleeve Electro Jersey!


Still made from our odor-suppressing and sweat-wicking Electro fabric, the new jersey will have shorter sleeves, a thinner collar, flatlock seams, and the new Five tab (check out the tab on the women's Triton shorts!). The sleeker jersey oozes with professionalism, even with a rainbow T-Rex dancing across it!

The sizing is pretty similar to our current jerseys, but here's a visual aid in case you're unsure about what size to get:




old electro jersey

new Electro jersey




** These sizes are for blank jerseys. Keep in mind that screen-printed jerseys will shrink a little from drying. The more prints on a jersey, the more it'll shrink.