As you've probably noticed, you've been redirected here from europe.fiveultimate.com. That's because we had to close our Amsterdam office after two wonderful, trying, exhausting, exhilarating years. 


What this means for you.

The biggest change is that we now operate entirely out of Five HQ in Seattle, Washington, USA. That means that gear will be sold in US dollars, and shipped from Seattle.


Shipping from Seattle means that it'll take longer to get your gear, and everything will need to go through customs. We have some ideas about how to streamline that process without breaking the bank, or getting your stuff stuck in some warehouse somewhere, and we're hoping to launch some of those ideas in the few months.


What to do now.

If you're looking to start a team uniform order, you can fill out a quick form here, and you'll see an email from Paige within one business day.


If you were hoping to shop in our online store, you click the big ol' STORE link in the header of this page, or you can click this lil' link right here and get to shopping!


Thanks y'all,

The Five Team